Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mrs Mac's Next Cut Update/Home Rebuzz?

Welcome Back,

As promised I have a couple of new pics of Mrs Mac as her hair is on the grow out.
These pics were taken about 2 weeks ago so she has a little more grown in in the buzzed areas

There are several scenerio's on the table.
As stated in my last post Mrs Mac hates how fast the buzzed part of her hair grows and
has agreed upon me testing the waters that she'd be ok with me pinning her long hair up and rebuzzing the undercut buzzed area. We talked about me using a #2 or a Number #3 ans she said
 we could use a #3 first and if it isnt short enough use a number #2.
Here's the dilema we are just about a week and a half off of Mrs Mac going for her appointment
 ( Friday Nov 16th)
I think the window is closing and she is going to want to wait till her appointment comes.
We didnt do the rebuzz this weekend as alot was going on and we were both feeling under the weather)
That leaves the pportunity dwindling. But the good news is it only means it's dwindling for this month
Upon getting it recut/buzzed on Nov 16th, within about 3 weeks she is going to want ot rebuzzed, especially seeing her appointments are every 6-8 weeks and that means she wont have another appointment before Christmas and would be even more inclined for me to do a rebuzz as a 6 week next apppointment would put us out past christmas and betwen New years and knowing us and all the activites between Christmas and New Years week, she'll schedule for 8 weeks out.

That being said Mrs Mac is also debating if she should change up her current cut a little.
As I mentioned before I dont think you can go anywhere shorter with her current cut as far as how far up its buzzed or how short the clipper setting is.
As far as Mrs Mac is concerned I am wrong.
Mrs Mac has hinted that she is indecisive and has several options on the table
here they are with pics provided
Here is her current style and grow out progress as of a week or two ago:

1.) Keeping the overall cut the same in style and keeping the height of the undercut
but buzzing it down to a long #1. She's seen Pink's cut in the video "Try" and likes how short it is as she feels it's even more of a contrast. She likes alot of the pics she's seeing where these woman have it buzzed to a severe #1 where the color almost looks colorless grey. Not sure how I feel about this option, but I will admit I am seeing this alot in pics. Mrs Mac feels the color contrast of highlighted bleached blonde/dark blonde on top with a #1 nape and side undercut would make it pop.

Here's a couple of pics of this idea.

2.) Keeping the overall style and also keeping the height or going slighly higher of the undercut but either keeping it buzzed to a  short #2 or buzzing it to a #1 but bleaching it all over.
This is something Mrs Mac has wanted for some time. I know how most of you feel about this.
Not good. I know most of you are fans of the highlites as they bring a softness to the style.
Again though Mrs Mac has seen Miley Cyrus and Pink with this bleached out color and shortness and she loves it.  Of all the options Mrs Mac seems to be the most keen on this. Particularly having a #1 buzzing of the sides and nape that is bleached blonde and a bleached blonde top to match.
Below is pics Mrs has saved and would use as reference:



Below pic color idea and shortness of sides and nape only not style
below: color and style ideas

3.) The most radical idea. Bleaching all of Mrs Mac's hair to bleach blonde,
but  completely altering the style by cutting it all off into a ultra short pixie/clipper cut. About 6 years ago Mrs Mac had ultra short hair and then
grew it out to the Demi Moore pixie. But Mrs Mac has always hinted she would like like to try
the ultra short look one more time. With this idea she would bleach all of her hair, then she'd get the longer top cut extremely short to an ultra pixie. We both agreed seeing Mrs Mac loves the clippers and it's feeling that she get the top clipper cut to somewhere from a #3 #4, #5 or #6 on top and the sides and back to a #1 or #2.
This cut would be extremely different and radical and would also be low mantience as Mrs Mac likes. It would also I think satisfy Mrs Mac's curiosity of what it would be like to get all her hair buzzed off into a clipper cut as getting her hair buzzed on the sides and back seem to be pushing the envelope for her and exciting her seeing how short she can get away with having it. 
 Mrs Mac said if she would get it all cut/buzzed off that she would grow it into a retro Demi Moore/Josie Bisset type pixie that doesnt have severe undercuts but a #3 buzzed back nape only.
Here is the pics Mrs Mac has found and saved. Out of all the ideas,  this one is the one that makes me the most nervous and frightened. It's been 6 years since Mrs Mac has had her hair this short.
Below Pics: Reference pics of Ultra short pixie buzzcut, with varying degree's of length we would chose from

4.)My Favorite Idea!
Letting me rebuzz Mrs Mac's buzzed area and her not going to the stylist for a trim on
Nov 16th. This option would allow Mrs Mac's overall length to continue and grow while rebuzzing her sides and back to a #2 or #3 giving it a freshly cut look. I like this option the best, as we could see her hair length on top grow even more making more of a contrast to the buzzed areas. Below is what her hair would look like if left untrimmed on top. Her hair would probably get to this stage by early next year, if she kept letting me rebuzz the already buzzed areas and leaving the rest alone.


5.)Retro pixie/wedge buzzed nape hybrid.
 Going slightly shorter with the over all style.
With this option the color could stay the same
But certain aspects would change in the style.
A more bowlish cut with the sides growing in slightly or not buzzed as short
The undercut grown in on the sides and back.
A sharp shelf line on back with a buzzed nape around the top of the ears. No undercut.
This cut would take a little work as some areas would need to grow while other area would need to be cut shorter or cut differently
Below pics of Retro Pixie/Shelfine Hybrid


Well that's all the options. I'm exhausted.
Well let us know what you think.
What do you think is the best option for Mrs Mac?
Mrs Mac definetly listens so your opinion will definetly sway/effect Mrs Mac's decision.


wayner222 said...

Hey Mac
I like the last option best. Not so crazy about the short, short top, I think it takes away from the femininity of the look. Good luck!

Enzo and Anna said...

Hi Mac,

Anna & I bot agree that Mrs. Mac's hair looks great just the way it is. We both feel that although all of the hairstyles that are options look cool, they are all worn by girls that are 10-20 years younger than we are. Not sure if those cuts would work well with our generation.

After watching Miley Cyrus on 2 and a half men last night, I would have to say I'd lean towards option #4 if I had to make the choice.