Monday, December 3, 2012

Pixie Cut/SideCut/Undercut/Buzzed Pics 12/3/12

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

Here's another set of pics.
To give you an update of Mrs Mac's hair, we have a new set of pics coming up, with her hair doen and not done up like it was the night of the inital cut.
In my opinion it looks better then ever.
This seriously might be the best haircut Mrs Mac has ever had.
In the meantime enjoy these pics.

 On a side note as with all of my weekly pic postings you'll find
more new pics of Miley Cyrus, who may or may not have cut her hair shorter. has an article posted from Nov showing side by side shots of miley's hair from Oct and then mid Nov, and it looks like she might have had more buzzed off the sides as far as how high up it goes, giving it
a more mohawk type look. Then in pics I saw on twitter, this past week, which you will see below
with Miley holding a dog, it looks as if as of last week, Miley had the front cut much shorter, into an almost Michelle Williams type cropped pixie as it doesnt look as if she has the long sweeping bangs anymore





Enzo and Anna said...

Great finds!

wayner222 said...

I'm looking forward to some pics of Mrs Mac's hair down. Not such a big fan of the straight up look. I always like to see Mrs 222's hair next day after the salon in a more every day style.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Wayner, the new Mrs Mac pics should be up tonight or by tommorow night. Need to recharge the camera to be able to upload the pics.

Unknown said...

great pics! I'm considering getting that cut TONIGHT :)