Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mrs Mac Home Rebuzz Pics

Hello Ladies and Gents,
This is Mrs. Mac!  I am sure there are some of you that have been waiting for a new post as Mr. Mac had posted such a teasing picture from last week's adventure. So, not only will you get to see these new photo's but you get to hear from me this time.  I figured that it would be something different seeing that I have never posted on this blog nor left any comments.

First off, I would like to thank each and every one of you for stopping by and viewing our blog.  It has been a pleasure showing off my various pixie styles and cuts...along with those dreaded angled bobs (go ahead..GASP!)  Yes, that was all for Mr. Mac.  Now, we are both at a happy place of loving my style.  In more ways than one.

So...not to bore anyone, I will continue and not lead you on any more.  Our evening started out with plans to attended a local tattoo convention.  Yet another love of mine as you can see a few in my photos.  Since all walks of life lurk around tattoo conventions, I figured that I would bravely and highly wave my freak flag...........

And then........ I HAD A THOUGHT!

Shall I take the buzzed area's of my tress's shorter?

After a fun evening out at the convention, I was ready.  Excitement was building all evening.  I had made up my mind.

Say hello to the #1 guard set on the clippers........

Let's say, the feeling was amazing.  Men like to run their fingers through a woman's long hair....try feeling freshly buzzed hair.
As Mr. Mac as mentioned and posted several others who have this same funk, my influences are two lovely ladies.  P!NK and Miley Cyrus. I was never a huge fan of Miley until she cut her locks.  As for P!NK, she is my role mole.  She's the tough cookie who doesn't take any BS but yet allows you to see her feelings and she believes of true love.  That it's ok to still be a Princess even if you are thick skinned.  P!NK takes such a funky style and adds a splash of class to it.
Sexy, sophisticated, fun and sassy rolled into one.

And...on that note, I hope you enjoy your delayed Valentine's gift.

Hugs and such,
Mrs. Mac
And always remember..........

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

P!nk On Cover Of This Month's Redbook

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

No I didnt forget to post pics of this past weekend and Mrs Mac's home rebuzzing.
I wont dissappoint, the pictures will be up. You guys have reached the goal of more then 5 comments.
However, we've only gotten a hundred views so far on that post, so i'm waiting a few days to see if we get the over 1000 hits so I can give you all the pics I mentioned and not just the rest of the pics that go with that one pic you saw.

In the meantime check out Redbook magazine this month. This month's cover girl, ( no pun intended)
Is Pink.
Here is a preview of some of the pictures inside the magazine. Definetly a must have for any of you sidebuzzed undercut lovers.

How Bad Do You Want An Update?

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

Ok so here's the deal. I want to reward the faithful who have stuck it out and stayed with us,
That being said, I want to add to the suspense and see how many people really want to see this blog
move forward and are interested in what we put out.
So here's what we're going to do.
900 views or more you get the rest of this set of pics of Mrs Mac buzzing her own hair to a short #2 which we took this past weekend
More then 5 comments you get the rest of this set of pics

1500 views or more you get this set of pics plus after the buzzing pics, plus early pics from the late Jan cut.

2500 views or more you get all of the above plus after pics of Mrs Mac after she buzzed her own hair to #1 guard after not thinking the short #2 buzzing she gave herself was short enough.

What everybody gets to see is up to all of you.
Looking forward to the feedback and views so I can share the craziness that was this past weekend and the incredible pics that went with it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Have You Ever Wanted To See Capt Jack Sparrow Give A Women A Pixie cut?

Hello All, Welcome Back to The Pixie Revolution,

How ya doing?
As we continue in our hiatus, I figured I'd once again give our daily paltry 400 viewers who stop by with a WTF video for the ages.
As a hair enthusiast, I'm sure you all have fantazised about some pretty unique scenerios for how you would like to see your significant other get a haircut.
While some of you are lucky and have wives or girlfriends that oblige your hair enthusiasm,
Others arent as lucky and seem to have a monthly battle trying to persuade their significant others to get their hair cut in a short style.

 It seems the sure fire way to get the woman in your life to get a short hair style is to bribe them by telling them a Johnny Depp lookalike will be cutting their hair. After all what woman do you can resist Johhny Depp?
While the obvious choice you would think would be a Johnny Depp lookalike dressed as Edward Scissorhands to cut someone's hair, it seems in this WTF video for the ages, the look of choice is Capt Jack Sparrow.
So next time your significant other is giving you a hard time and doesnt want to get their hair cut to a short style both of your likings, tell her you'll take her to a place that has Johnny Depp cutting hair, and watch her run as fast as she can.
And then find someone as fast as you can who will dress up as Depp.