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Pixie Cuts August 1st 2012

We're Back

After two post that featured pics of my wife's current Pixie Cut for July 2012 and our last post
which was a Flashback to Mrs Mac's hair from the Summer of 2009, I'm going to share with everyone today a collection of some of the trendiest and hottest pixie cuts going around today.

The Masses have spoken. The post of my wife's hair for July 2012 got over 900 views in one day.
The post titled Flashback Hair 2009 got roughly 173 views so far.  I love angled bob's as much as the next hair enthusiast, but apparently based on numbers, the people liked Mrs Mac's July pixie cut pics more then her 2009 angled bob.  Music to my wife's ears of course, who prefer's her pixie over her previous angled bob cut.
So to keep everyone happy, I will continue to periodically share older pics of my wife's angled bob era, but stick with the theme that is our namesake The Pixie. It's nice to look back at that period, but this blog is geared to my wife's current cut the Pixieand all that is pixie right now.

So with that enjoy some of the hottest looking pixies in this post.
Some you may have seen out there some may be new. I particularly love the side sweeping bangs and buzzed shorter sides that seem to the focal point of the "new generation pixie"
Until next time.
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Flashback Hair: Summer 2009

Welcome Back All,

First let me start off by thanking everyone who has stopped by and viewed our blog
and made the first week of The Pixie Revolution a week to remember.

I hope to continue at this pace sharing with all you fellow hair enthusiast my wife's hair adventures.
But also share with you fun interactive topics between my wife's 6-8 week cut intervals and sharing past cuts over the years. I didnt want to pull out the big guns with back to back post on my wife's hair, but I couldnt resist sharing the following pictures.

I'm going to try and share with you all about once a week a past haircut of my wife and photo's to go along with the story. Believe me I have more than enough photo's to share.

I decided though I'm just going to put the photo's up with a short story but they arent going to be in order from 2006 until now. I will give you an approx date and certainly a month and year with a Flashback post.  I think mixing it up and not going in order may keep it more fresh.
If there is a period where my wife has a pixie but the next post she has a long angled bob I will give back to back photo shoots to show the contrast.

Looking back through all the pictures there has been at least 2 occassions where my wife went from an angled bob to a pixie and in one instance went from an almost shoulder length bob to a pixie.
She did that one in the dead of winter mind you ( Jan 2011) She is certainly brave. But that is for another time and pics will come with that story.

Right now though we look back to the Summer of 2009. My wife was in the midst of her angled bob period. She started growing the angled bob in the fall of 2008 from a pixie cut.
For that pixie cut we used reference pics of Elisha Cutberth's pixie from 2008 and pics of Pink of course. By spring of 09' my wife's hair had grown into an awesome angled bob.
Like many of you and your wives, Mrs Mac and me have had many a disagreement on the severity and degree of the "angle"
Mrs Mac is s short haired girl. When I met her she had short hair, but make no mistake about it, when I first introduced her to "the angled bob" she was not a fan to say the least.
Throughout our debates my wife's words were peppered with "too angled" "helmet head" and
 "alien like"
Around spring of 2009 though my wife found her own with the angled bob and began to like it. We came to a good compromise on how angled it was. Around early 2009 I had discovered pictures and had seen out and about women with angled bob's who were sporting this cute little V shape in the center of the nape, which Mrs Mac naturally had it just needed to be cleaned up around it to define it more. So after telling my wife about this she too went for the v shape in the outline of the nape as well. All was well and I was in my angled bob glory.
I know like many of your wives, Mrs Mac was ultimatley wearing the Angled Bob for me, but after having it for 5 months or so she really began liking it herself as well.

We were in the midst of the summer, and like many summers on the East Coast of The United States we were having extreme heat.
It was around late August, and I knew my wife was due for her  6-8 week haircut.
I remember I didnt go that time to watch her ger it cut.
Right up to the day of her appointment as usual I would send her an annoying amount of pics of angled bobs, all about the same as what she had at the time, all stamping the imnportance of a buzzed nape and detail on how high , not too high, but not too long either.
At the time my wife settled into a angled bob with a buzzed nape that was around below the bottom of her ear lobes, giving about 2 inches exposed of buzzed space. and a little past the chin in front.
So I was expecting the same when my wife came home from the salon that night.
Below pic is from early Summer 2009. So you can compare to the late August Cut. I will share more of the spring cut pictures in the near future ( please note the digital time stamp is Day/Month/Year)

                                                   Above:  July 7th 2009.

As you all well know what you expect and what you get can be two different things.
Thankfully this was a great unexpected surprise.
When my wife got home I clammored to see her haircut. From the front it looked just about the same as the last few cuts.. Just about chin length, maybe grazing past the chin. But when she turned around much to my surprise it was buzzed up way higher then usual. It also hada higher arch. and she had a much more higher shelf line in back. What I especially liked about the buzzed part is not only how high it was but that the stylist buzzed it throughly all the way up with a #2 clipper guard which gave it an extra nice feeling and look.
Besides this being one of my favorite angled bob's on my wife,the best part was it was all her and her stylist idea.
I remember asking my wife what made her go shorter, and  she explained that she was getting tired of the same angled bob, and it was hot and in the summer and she asked her stylist if she had any suggestions. The stylist suggested taking the buzzed part up higher, arching the shelf more, and almost giving it an asymetric cut. (As you can see it is shorter on one side and longer on the long parted side.)
This cut was a definite surprise and a great one at that. My wife liked the change, and I was delighted and how great it looked and that there was more buzzed nape , but not losing any of the front length.

Of course like a kid in a candy shop I couldnt wait to take pictures. And my wife obviously basking in the glory of her new cut gladly obliged. The following pics were taken late August 2009 over the course of 2 days and was taken about 24 hours after she got the cut. There's 2 more sets to these pics but I will share them at a later time
 I must say.... even after 3 years  they are just as exciting to look at. This was indeed a spectacular angled bob. Did I mention how awesome the shelf, pointed nape and angle were?

                                                   August 25th 2009

In my next post on my wife's hair, I will share with all of you more pics of Mrs Mac's hair right before this cut which would had been early July 2009.

And before I go I would like to show support to two people who have gone above and beyond supporting this site. If you havent checked out their sites already please do because they in my opinion have two of the best hair sites around.
Enzo's sites:



Perfect Cut's site:


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The July Haircut

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution.

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by to our blog and checked out what I've got up so far in it's first couple of days.

Not only have I been working dilligently to go thru all of the zip drives and memory cards that we have from our digital camera's, but my wife has gotten in on this project too by going thru memory card after memory card looking for pictures that I have taken of my wife's hair since 2006.

Besides me being a hair enthusiast, my wife is an advid photographer, so you can imagine how many memory cards and zip drives that we have over the years.

Right now we are about at 80% as far as hair pics found.

After talking it over with my wife we both agreed the best way to start showing everyone her hair pictures is to go with the most recent pictures from my wife's haircut and color that was done on July 5th 2012.

After that I plan on taking you back to haircut flashbacks over the next weeks and months to keep everyone occupied between my wife's 6-8 week cuts.

So here they are the very first batch of pictures I'm sharing with you all.
I know once I share this, my wife's pics are going to circulate through out the internet.
My wife is fine with sharing her pictures and thinks that it is important to show her face with this cut to get the full spectrum of the style, and by blurring the face or only showing side and back views you arent going to be able to appreciate the cut as much. If it were an angled bob maybe we could pull off side and back views only, but this is my wife's decision so we are going to go with it and be thankful.

Seeing it was cut about a month ago, I'm going to do my best to recollect how it was cut and the story behind it.

Back in March my wife had tried for the first time a sidecut buzz hairstyle ( pictures will be forthcoming)
My wife liked it but how it was cut my wife felt it looked like a Nike Swoosh. I liked it alot but thought it could had been buzzed up slightly higher on the side and then the longer hair brought down over the buzzed part and cut into wispy strands instead of cutting a weight line along the sides right where the buzzed part stops.
The back was cut perfectly though. We used this picture below and the stylist gave my wife an undercut by about 3 inches and then left the longer hair over. I loved how it looked and felt. And My wife noted how she loved when she got out of the salon how the overlapping hair felt laying on top of her buzzed nape.

Unfortunately the Nike side Swoosh negative outweighed the incredible undercutpositive and my wife quickly grew tired of it.
May came and my wife got it cut much shorter in the back and blended and lost the undercut. The side buzz had grew in and she got that blended too in the May cut.

Neither one of us were crazy about the May cut and my wife soon decided the next step was to go back to the Jenna Elfman cut but also incorporate Pink's haircut too.  I found my wife tons of Pink pictures an she brought them to the stylist for this July cut. My wife also got the idea to get her hair highlighted to have more blonde. She thought about getting a platnium all over color but we were both on the fence on how that would look so she decided to get alot of blonde highlights.

In case you are all wondering my wife's natural hair color is dirty/sandy blonde. The nape can look light brown though in certain pictures. When light shines on it though you can see it's dark blonde.

So with that my wife brought her stylist thre pictures of Jenna Elfman and Pink's haircut and color.
I luckily arrived at the salon right when the stylist was about to go over my wife's nape with the clippers one more time. When I got there and came up to the station area, I quickly noticed how high up the stylist had already buzzed my wife's hair. I also noticed a slight angle to it which made me absolutely thrilled when I saw it. The other thing I instantly noticed was how the longer newly bleached blonder hair and how it contrasted with my wife's nape hair color. It was a sight to behold.
The one thing I do wish was i had arrived to see the inital buzzing just to see her take it up as high as she did. Besides the undercut buzz from back in March, this just might be the highest my wife's hair has ever been buzzed up to. As you can see by the pictures it's buzzed up way above her ears and is probably about 3 inches below her crown. I never thought I'd see it buzzed up that high. While I do favor longer overlapping hair or a nice defined shelf in back to play with it the idea of running my hands up the back of my wife's neck and head and not feeling longer hair until almost her crown is definetly a turn on. Over all the buzzed area is buzzed to a short # 3. And long #2 in some areas. As you can see in the nape pics it is blended very well between those two clipper lengths.
So that's where we are at right now.

Here are the pictures from the July 5th cut and color:

I do know my wife plans on letting the front grow longer. Overall this July cut has been my favorite of my wife's pixie cuts.  Other than maybe trying to get her to get it a little longer in back and do the undercut longer strands on the crown area I'd say this is perfection for us. And I dont want to mess wirth perfection. My wife has thrown out the idea of going blonder and has also said she is open to another sidebuzz cut. But is afraid it will look like a Nike Swoosh again.

I'm trying to find pics that show a side buzz that doesnt make a shelf to show her. If she doesnt want to try it though I wont be devestated.

Well what does everyone think?
Do you think Mrs Mac should go blonder?
Do you think she should keep it that short in back or grow the back crown area down and do the undercut again?
Let us know what you all think.
It's been a month since this cut and I know my wife will be do in for her next cut by September.