Tuesday, September 17, 2013

P!nk On Cover Women's Health Magazine

Check out this months issue of Women's Health featuring P!nk
 With all that's going on in the hair world, such as Miley dying her pixie brown and dropping hints she's on the grow out, and the dreaded Mullet making a comeback on the fashion runways, isnt it comforting to know that Pink is still rocking the pixie undercut updo?
check out the pics in the magazine and article and check out Pink this weekend as she co-stars in the movie "Thanks for Sharing"

The Mullet Making A Comeback for Women?

Welcome Back,

It seems the fashion world this fall is jumping on a new trend that is really as old as Joe Dirt.
According to an article on AOL, the mullet is making a comeback this fall on the fall fashion runways.
Why exactly is anyone's guess, but it is worth noting that for many of us it is the "Anti-Buzzed Nape Haircut". or "AntiBob" if you will

While it could be categorized as a short hair style it is short in all the wrong places and long in all the wrong places.

So far Rihanna has been the first to jump on this hopefully shortly resurrected hair trend.
There is also Sandra Bullock being featured on a magazine cover with what looks like a quasi mullet.

Luckily before now, the only female celebrity who has sported a mullet in recent years was Scarlett Johanson.
And I must say, as attractive as Scarlett is, the mullet she had actually somehow made one of the most attractive women alive today into something I hate to say looked unattractive.

I will say the only positive of Rihanna's mullet is it seems the sides are buzzed short and it looks like a Mohawk a little, but I will have to wait and see where this goes and if more pop's up before I lay judgement on this latest incarnation of the mullet.

See the article for yourself and I forwarn you it isn't for the buzzed nape loving faint of heart.


Miley Cyrus' Hair One Year Later

Welcome Back to The Pixie Revolution,

Alot is going on this week in the hair world.
For starters Mrs Mac has a haircut appointment this Friday.
And with her last cut being 8 weeks ago her current length is getting on her nerves.

Will we have a shaping up and just a trim? Or based on Mrs Mac's indecisiveness lately will we have a drastic chopping this coming Friday?
My opinion.. I like Mrs Mac's current style and only wish to see her have it trimmed.

In the celebrity hair world, it seems all good things must come to an end.
This week Miley Cyrus was sported in Paris with a newly dyed brunette pixie.
It was a good run. and I must say her blonde pixie undercut has been my favorite hairstyle in the past year.

While Miley has been all over the news for alot of other things lately besides her hair.. Let's see her tongue, her behind, her engagement ending with Liam Hemsworth.
Miley's has had her hair up's and down in the past year since she intitally cut her long hair off in August 2012. Who can forget late fall last year when she went and chopped her sweeping undercut pixie into an ultra short Ceasar cut which was nothing short of a Annie Lennox buzzcut, but when spring rolled around it looked like Miley really came into her own with her pixie and the contrast between the top longish length and under cut buzzed hair was really a sight to behold.

I thought it would be fitting then to share with you all what will probably be the last batch of Miley pics or at least the last good ones unless she decide's to dye it back blonde and keep it short.
You see according to some sources Miley is thru with short hair and plans to grow it back long, and her dyeing it back to something close to her natural color might be a sign that her blonde pixie has seen it's last days.
While i'm sure we'll still be seeing previously unseen Miley's blonde pixie pics here and there as she already did the photo shoot for the album cover of her due to be released in October album and her gracing the cover of Oct's issue of Harper Bazzar with the blonde pixie still, the chances that this is indeed the end of the blonde pixie is pretty high.

What really stinks about her looming grow out and dye job is just in the past two weeks based on sightings Miley got her undercut rebuzzed into what was the shortest yet, looking like she had it buzzed to shorter then a #1. Pics are below as you will see Miley with grey camo parachute looking pants outside and the undercut looks shorn to a #1/2 fade. Also a picture was released last week that was taken during the video shoot for Wrecking Ball with Miley getting her hair rebuzzed before filming the video.

Regardless of her controversy, her Wrecking Ball video managed to get a 100 million views in one week. In the video Miley is pretty much naked thru out with her blonde undercut looking incredible.  I think if this is the beginning of the end of Miley's short hair, you cant tell me the look hasn't reached iconic status already. For better or worse 20 years from now people will remember this hairstyle and Miley having it. It will be synonomous with this period of time in pop culture. Much like her father's mullet in the early 90's or Jennifer Aninston's "Rachel Cut" in the mid 90's.

If all this news weren't enough check back for more new post. As we're updating with several post in the next few days. Pink is still rocking the blonde pixie and can be seen on the latest issue of Women's Health and has a co-starring role in a movie this weekend titled "Thanks for Sharing"
See Below:

We'll also have back a new Short Haired Babe Of The Week for the next several weeks as I've discovered several never before seen short haired beauties.
Plus  Alica Keys is making news for appearing on Good Morning America with a bowl cut last week.
A Bowl Cut! Ponder that for a little bit...
See below:

And lastly check out our Special Report Post on what hair fashion experts are calling "The Return Of The Women's Mullet"
Until then.. Enjoy the Miley Cyrus blonde pixie gallery below:




Monday, September 9, 2013

New Miley video and Miley inspired haircuts

Say what you will about her Video Music Awards antics and controversy but there is no denying Miley is rockin the short undercut pixie. And if you are a undercut pixie lover you cant deny that her haircut has inspired women to cut their hair in similar styles. There has been quite a few copycat cuts in the past year popping up all over the net. Here's just a few. Some are spot on some miss the mark, Overall Miley's cut is definetly a positive in the world and short haircuts on women



Monday, September 2, 2013

We're Back!

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

The first post back after a 6 month hiatus we're got a lot of tracks to cover.
The 2 set of pictures we're sharing with you are of Mrs Mac's from late July before a trim and then her latest cut from early August 2013.
The early August cut pictures were taken several weeks after the cut however. So it's from about a week and a half ago.
August 23rd to be precise
I wished I would had taken them right after the cut but didn't get the chance.
When Mrs Mac had gotten her most recent trim/cut in early August, the stylist and herself decided to buzz Mrs Mac's undercut hair down to a short #1 and then fade it to along the sideburns and lower nape to the guard right below number #1 not sure its number. #1/2 perhaps?

It was the summer and she got the shortest buzzing ever. As you can see the rest of her hair has grown a bit as this is Mrs Mac's new style since you last saw her pics in March.
It's taken about 4 months and minor trims but the top has been left alone pretty much so it could grow. Gone are most of Mrs Mac's layers and as you'll see she also grew out her bangs which I'm definetly loving.
This current longer pixie is definetly versatile as Mrs Mac can now flip it on either side to expose the undercut. She also has been styling it various ways to get this look.
One way is she is using a root lifter and then blow drying it back or to the side and then applying a little hair spray. It works a lot better then a gel or wax as you can easily run your finger thru the hair and it falls back into place.
Mrs Mac has also used a flat iron to give it a sleek look as well you will see in several pics she can also air dry it and blow dry it to give it a bit of a wave in front.
This is by far my favorite cut on her.
The added length with no layers on top contrasted with the all over buzzed #1 undercut is truly the best of both worlds.
This is like a bob but with pixie elements and not just a buzzed nape which you get with a bobcut but an all over buzzed undercut.

She's still currently debating if she is going to grow out the top some more to an under cut bob or keep getting it trimmed to keep it it's current length and keep going back to get the back and side's buzzed short.
We've done home rebuzzing thru spring and summer to keep it nice and short and sharp between 6-8 trims.
Especially this summer as it grows pretty fast in the warm weather.
Besides keeping the buzzed part either a short #2 or a short #1 and then faded to a #1/2 you'll notice Mrs Mac has decided to keep the sideburns shorter and squared off and the nape more sharply buzzed defined into a shape as well so it looks a little neater as it grows out.
Next cut is late September.
Until them look for some various post on non Mrs Mac hair subjects.


 Below: August trim/haircut with fade


                                         Below: You can see the fade in next two pics better