Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Miley on Cosmo

Hello All, While we are still on hiatus here at The Pixie Revolution, We thought we'd give a quick shout out and reminder to pick up the new issue of Cosmo with Miley Cyrus on the cover. The new issue of Cosmo hits newsstands on Feb 5th.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mrs Mac's Hair Thru The Years

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

We've seem to come at a cross roads of sorts on this blog.
While I am continuing to find a plethora of short hair beauties to share with you all,
and there doesnt seem to be any waning popularity in the current surge of sidecuts, sidebuzzed pixies
out there, this blog has become a love hate thing for me.
It's a labor of love for me.
There's days I really dont feel like updating the blog.
There's other days I feel like I could post five new topics.
Being a short haired enthusiast is exhausting at times.
It's something you cant control.
By the time I post something on this blog, I have probably thought about and or fantasized about
short hair on women countless times in one day.
Most of all having a wife who has short hair to get to come home to and look at certainly is a constant
So at times when I am perusing the net trying to find pictures for you all or an interesting topic, I am at times on sensory overload.
Not that that is a bad thing.
The biggest issue I find is the time and effort that I put into this blog, and while the numbers show we are getting over a thousand views a day on the blog as a whole, the feedback and comments we recieve are few and far inbetween.
Without the faithful few commenters like Enzo and Wayner and Perfect Cut, this blog would become almost like a  personal journal for me.
What motivates me is sharing my likes and stories with others.
Without that interaction I might as be writing a journal about Mrs Mac's hair for myself.
The problem is I have never kept a journal because i dont find sharing my thoughts and likes with my self as productive.

There's alot of speculation on my part why this blog doesnt get more comments.
I dont have ads up on here. I'm not making money on this blog.
Im not making video's of Mrs Mac's hair ( which i have thought of doing at times)
Maybe I am just ignorant and dont understand the concept of hair enthusiast. Perhaps there is more lurking and admiring from afar then interaction.
I know I am that way in public when I see an attractive woman with a short hair style to my liking.
But this is the internet and you can hide in anonimity all you want and admire away and no one is going to think any less of you.
You can get your freak on and no one is going to judge you, because no one knows who you really are.
When you make a blog however about your hair enthusiam and a blog about your wife's short hair, as some of you know you are putting yourself out there for potential judgement.

Everyone who has commented has been really kind. Mrs Mac gets compliments out and about for her hair.
With the exception of several friends and a few coworkers who negatively commented on Mrs Mac's Pink inspired bleach blonde updo, it's really been all positive.
That being said however, Mrs Mac will not style her hair up again like the photoshoot we did when she got the P!nk beach blonde updo, all because of the several negative comments she got.
And there's nothing I can do to convince her otherwise.

Then there's the thought that perhaps we dont get alot of comments because we come off like some freaks or something. Perhaps people see this as a freak show where they like to look from afar but not actually get up close and interact.
I see Mrs Mac's style all the time on the internet. There is countless tumblr pages with dozens upon dozens even hundreds of haircuts on women like what Mrs Mac has.
I dont think it's unusal looking and is actually very common in alot of circles, but maybe it's too progressive for some.
My wife is business woman and works in an office and has never gotten complaints in work, other then the snide comments the one time on how bright her hair was back in november. No one has ever said anything negative about the style and cut ever in any of the incarnations and variations of styles Mrs Mac has had.
Regardless of the social acceptance or not of a woman with a short sidebuzzed pixie,
I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer continue to post new pictures of Mrs Mac's hair.
I am sitting on two never before seen sets of pics. Both from Mid to late December after a retrim.
Nothing new with the style. Color wise because of the negative comments Mrs Mac got lowlights added to her bleach blonde hair which has settled down in it's color as well and her hair currently looks like it did last summer when we started this blog.

I've approached Mrs Mac in asking her to perhaps continue this blog.
I have even asked her to at least comment and add her view points and thoughts to this blog in hopes
it would create more interaction and feedback from the silent viewers.
Mrs Mac is open to the idea, but at best if she did do this her contribution would be limited at best seeing how busy she is with being a mother and having and working with full time job as well.

I'm sure we'll be back at some point posting pictures of Mrs Mac. God only knows the sets are building as there's two sets you havent seen yet. Mrs Mac is due for another trim Jan 24th and her last cut/retrim was mid December. The length wasnt really touched so her bangs are getting pretty long. All that was done really was the rebuzzing with a #2 again.
In the meantime I figured I owed it to all of you to share with you the Definitve Collection of Mrs Mac's hair over the years. If this is the parting shot, I would at least like to leave you all with every picture you've never seen before in this blog.
 All Never Before Seen Pictures!

I havent shared a Mrs Mac Hair Flashback post in a while. and Believe me as you will see I have a huge collection that would take months If I did a weekly installment.

So here it is. Enjoy and hopefully we'll be back soon with another Mrs Mac Hair Update
Until then..


Monday, January 7, 2013

When Did Your Love Of Short Haired Women Begin?

 Welcome Back to The Pixie Revolution,
As you can see by the font here we are having major problems with this blog. For starters
the only way we can upload pictures is thru HTML which is really making the whole process
one big mess.

Whether it is the computer I am using or blogger itself is having a problem is unknown
at this time. hopefully we will have a normal looking blog in a few days.

The topic on todays' blog is long overdue. When did your love for short hair on women begin?
For all of you, the answers will vary. For me however that moment is in the 1980s.
Sure when I was a toddler watching the Facts Of Life and I was 5 I was attracted to Blair
for her long full cascading blonde hair. But it was the mid 1980's as a preteen that I discovered my
love for short hair on women.
There was Justine Bateman on the tv show Family Ties. When the show premiered in 1982 Justine had long past the shoulder length hair. By Season 2 she had a shoulder length bob. By season 3 a collar length bob and by Season 4 a short gelled back cut reminscent to Madonna's cut at the time.
Which brings us to Madonna. Love her or hate her, there's no denying Madonna's contribution to short hair styles. From the ultra short cut she had in the "Poppa Dont Preach" video to the gelled back short cut she sported in the mid 80's. Then there was Cyndi Lauper who in my opinion is the Godmother of sidecuts. Cyndi's sidecut preceeded the popularity of the sidecut look by 27 years. Then there was Belinda Carlise from the all female band The Go Go's who sported a short pixie with a buzzed back. For me though there was one woman who stood out in the 1980's above all the rest. and that was Helen Slater. In 1984 at the young age of 8 years old I saw the move Supergirl. The movie itself was begged as a dud a and failed at the box office. But in it Helen Slater played Supergirl. With long beautiful cascading blonde hair. As I had mentioned even at age 4-5 I was attracted to long cascading blonde hair, so it should come as no surprise I was mesmorized by Helen in Supergirl, flying through the air with her golden locks flowing. Flash foward to 1986 a mere two years later and Helen starred in "The Legend Of Billie Jean" the movie is about a girl and her brother ( played by Christian Slater) ;no relation to Helen who have their dirt bike stolen. Upon confronting the bullies father to get money for her brothers bike back, a scuffle ensues and the teens are accused of stealing the money and shooting the father. On the lam Helen and her friends hide out and Helen changes her image from long haired innocent country girl to short cropped 80's punk chick. Along the way her and her friends through news coverage become heroes and develop a huge following. In the end Helen confronts the bullies father once more who then begins to sell merchandise of her her trying to milk her popularity for his own finacial gain. The soundtrack is known for the hit by Pat Benetar "Invincible" Unfortunately the haircutting scene is not shown and Helen appears from a room rubbing her closely cropped hair much to the surprise of her friends. The only glimpse is the scene where she picks up the scissors and looks in the mirror and the scene cuts. There is a bevy of haircutting in the film however, as every female friend in the movie cuts their hair short as well to emulate Helen's character. For me watching this movie countlessly on cable in the mid to late 80's when it debuted on cable, was probably one of the most impactful and influential moments of my youth as far as the my development of the love of short hair on women. There is a scene on the beach towards the end of the movie where there is radio stations promoting Billie Jean haircuts to girls who want to emulate her. In the scene you see countless women getting their hair buzzed and cut. A little known fact is orginally the filmmakers wanted the Billie Jean character to have a bleach blonde buzzcut. Upon seeing the pictures of the look Helen Slater shot the idea down and opted for a slighlly longer look. However the women getting the cut in towards the end of the movie was filmed earlier on before Helen got her hair cut for the movie, and as a result they are sporting buzz cuts. Along with the aforementioned women in the 1980's sporting short cuts, this movie was for me the defining moment in my realization of my love for short hair on women. As you will see below Helen Slater in my opinion looks stunning with short hair. Some on the net even speculate Miley Cyrus was influenced by Helen's cut. How and if that is possible seeing Miley wasnt even born when the movie came out is unknown. But for me Helen Slater in The Legend Of Billie Jean is the epitome of the 1980's for me. After seeing that movie over 2 dozen times on cable as a kid, I began to envison all the girls I saw with short hair. So many women in the movie cut their hair during the films duration that it made me think as a 10 year old what if all girls who had long hair cut their hair short. To compound matters, about a year later a girl I had a crush on in school who had past the shoulder length dirty blonde hair arrived in class one warm spring day with a short gelled back Madonna inspired cut. Had having a crush on this girl before she had short hair imagine my reaction upon seeing her in class smile at me with a new short hair cut. In closing, if you havent seen The Legend Of Billie Jean I highly recommend it. It was available on VHS for a while and was on cable alot in the past 25 years but isnt seen too much anymore. You can however find it on amazon on dvd. When did you all first realize your love of short hair on women? Until next time

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Short Haired Babe Of The Year 2012

Welcome Back,

It may be a couple of days late, but I thought it would be fitting to chose the Short Haired Babe
Of The Year.
The guideline requirements in choosing who would be Short Haired Babe of The Year is simple,
They had to be featured as a Short Haired Babe Of The Week in the year 2012.
Other factors in choosing who would get top honor is if their short hair style further promoted short hair styles for women. Did they wear it postively. Have they've had short hair longer then a small period.
With that the finalist in this choice were Miley Cyrus and Pink.
While some probably think miley should get top honor's for the year, two factors made me lean towards Pink.
1.) As much as Miley's pixie cut took the twitter world and entertainment world by storm, her cut
didnt catch on with others who wanted to copy Miley. While Miley's inital choice in the side swept undercut pixie is emmensely popular right now in the short hair world, she did not create it.
This style had been making huge strides thru the early part of 2012 and it seemed Miley had seen the look online and took it as her own. While that is commendable, and she did appear at award shows and on Two and A Half Men with her bleach blonde pixie undecut, she didnt keep it nearly as long as I would had liked. To further my point at the MTV's VMA's Miley appeared with her pixie cut poofed up in an almost indentical cut and style of Pink who appeared on the red carpet the very same night with the same cut. Leaving many to speculate that Miley's pixie cut was inspired by Pink's pixie cut. Miley's initial cut and photo's she put up on twitter matched Pink's pixie to a T, and then by coincidence or not Miley then had the same exact undercut bouffant cut fo the VMA's as Pink.
While this cut looked great on Miley even if it was inspired by Pink's own haircut, Miley didnt keep it very long.
Instead of going for extensions like so many others do after cutting their hair short, Miley actually  kept going shorter and shorter, into what I would call nothing short of a Annie Lennox greasy looking ultra short Ceasar cut hybrid. Some have even gone as far as comparing pics of Miley's current ultra short cut to Eminem's bleach blonde comb forward ceasar cut of the early 2000's.

While utlra short cuts might be some people's cup of tea, my feeling is if your going to go that short go with a bold #2 all over buzz cut like a Natalie Portman, Mena Suvari, or Amber Rose. The end result of what Miley has currently is blah looking to say the least. It almost looks as if it's a chemical haircut as I wonder if breakage from the bleach was a factor in cutting off the inital stylist cut.

The final factor in what made me choose Pink is not only is her current cut a stylish one, it seems Pink reinvents her look and hair every few years, while still keeping her hair short.
Pink isnt a follower she is an innovator and has had short hair for years.
In 2008 she had a layered pixie that was awesome and fresh looking , and has gone from faux hawks, asymetrical cuts and even buzzed napes, and upon her return to the limelight in 2012 she reinvented her look with a pixiecut which featured a long top and striking all around buzzed undercut on the sides and back.
So with that here is 2012's Short Haired Babe Of The Year.
Instead of recapping this post with pictures you've already seen from her SHBOW post from Sept 12'
Here is a few never before shared pics of Pink from this past year.