Saturday, November 16, 2013

All The Blonde Has Been Cut Off/ Mrs Mac's New Asymmetric Pixie (Pics Update)

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

  As promised here is the all new set of pictures taken last night of Mrs Mac's brand new hairstyle.

It's been a long road to get to this cut. As Mrs Mac had debated on getting this cut last spring and even brought pictures and for some reason the cut didn't turn out the way either of us envisioned it. It was asymmetric but Mrs Mac thought it looked very bowlish. In fact I cant tell you how close we came to Mrs Mac getting our home set of Wahl Clippers and giving herself a all over #2 buzzcut.
No Joke. Mrs Mac was so frustrated and so adamant that she wanted to just start fresh and buzz it all off, that she told me, that I should make the clippers disappear otherwise she would probably buzz all her hair off when I wasn't home.

The fate of Mrs Mac's hair laid in my hands. While some of you are probably saying I blew the chance of letting Mrs Mac give herself a buzzcut, I was thinking along the lines of even though it wasn't a perfect cut, it was getting so long in front, I would have hated to see her lose all that length just because she didn't like the sides.

So that's how our summer went, until a trim here and an trim there brought us to the August hair pics.

That is one of the reasons we didn't post pics from spring through summer though.
By late summer two trims got rid of the asymmetric attempt haircut and the stylist evened out both sides and went back to our gold standard haircut of the Pink/Miley hybrid that Mrs Mac has really liked and made her own in the past year.

As summer rolled down Mrs Mac began parting/combing like Miley and Pink by using a root lifter, some spray and blow drying it to go to one side and swept up as show in pictures from our last post and one below to remind you all.

Below: August 2013:

By September Mrs Mac had grew tired of the look and decided to get a little more then usual cut off. It was still the same cut but just trimmed up. At the time I was a little disappointed because she had cut a good deal of the length she was gaining in front as seen in the August pics.
However Mrs Mac's hair has been growing really fast lately so by late Oct early Nov, it had grown back pretty fast.
About two weeks ago Mrs Mac was thinking of going back to a Demi Moore, Elisha Cutberth pixie that she had back in 08' and then all of a sudden last week she decided on her own by finding pics on her own that she wanted to go with an asymmetric cut, keeping her length.

Below: The pics Mrs Mac found that were the inspiration for her newest hairstyle:



At first glance of seeing the pics/style she had selected I was sceptical at first. I was really attached and grew accustomed to her Pink/Miley Cyrus haircut. The buzzed undercut pixie has been by far my absolute favorite on Mrs Mac and in general the past few years.

Anyway the time for the cut came last Thursday and even though I arrived late for the cut, I wasn't disappointed when I arrived and saw an all new haircut on Mrs Mac. I did get there just in time, to see the stylist, use the #1 guard clippers and run it up the back of Mrs Mac's nape one more time, even though it had been buzzed off before I arrived. and I also got to witness the final touches of the cut as the stylist, chopped off the remaining blonde hair that Mrs Mac still had from her blonde highlights that were grown in and down pretty long.
On the floor was a ton of brown buzzed hair all from Mrs Mac's nape, back and sides, and then there was ALL that blonde hair that layed on the cape and on the backside of the chair around Mrs Mac's shoulders.
And then it hit me all the blonde was gone.

In replace of it is Mrs Mac's beautiful natural color of a light brownish/natural dark blonde highlights.
And as our sylist finished the cut, I realized how awesome this cut was as it perfectly rested on Mrs Mac's cheek and angled up and cut up and around her ear , yet was still undercut.

This new cut it definetly great looking and is already my new favorite. It's in Frankie Sanford, and Natalie Maines territory.
And if Mrs Mac stays true to her plans, it's going to look even better as it grows longer infront.
The sharp lines, the slight angle, the #1 undercut, this cut has it all.
Here's Mrs Mac's all new asymmetric light brown pixie.

Friday, November 15, 2013

All The Blonde Has Been Cut Off ( Mrs Mac Update)

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

There will be a huge update coming this weekend in regards to Mrs Mac's latest haircut.
Pics will be included.
Last time we left off in late August, Mrs Mac was on the grow and was doing the side combed undercut ala Miley Cyrus and P!ink.
See below:
August 23rd 2013

With the exception of a Sept trim, Mrs Mac style pretty much remained the same,
until she decided recently that she was ready for something new. Mrs Mac also hasnt gotten her hair rehighlighted blonde at all since these pics in late August.
We'll leave it at that until the update but let's just say all the remaining blonde has been cut off.
New style and natural haircolor pics coming this weekend.
Stay Tuned...