Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mrs Mac to get a buzzed undercut with a fade?

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

Mrs Mac has told me she will update this blog thursday night with her idea's and thoughts
Which is the night before her haircut. But before she does that I wanted to chime in and post something
I've noticed here and there some of the buzzed undercuts are now sporting a fade to them.
Mrs Mac first noticed this in Pink's music video for "Give Me Just A Reason"
I myself noticed Miley Cyrus had one before  she lopped her hair off to that ultra short pixie she had.
Miley is another story all together. Her ultra short Annie Lennox crop has grown out into a faux hawk an was actually looking really good, and then as of last week, she posted pics on twitter of it dyed bluish and then a black and white pic with what seems to be dark hair slicked down and grown out to a Emma Watson pixie. ( in my opinon I think Miley is through with short hair and is on the grow out)

But back to the fade. Mrs Mac noticed it and said she liked it. I myself like it as well for some reason.
I like the fact that it could be a #2 or #3 on the upper sides and then be a #2 or #1 closer to the ears and into the nape.It also gives the undercut area a cool looking V shape within the longer buzzed hair.
Comparing this fade with an all over #2 undercut, I've realized the fade adds a subtleness and softness to the undercut. Ive never realized it until I saw an undercut fade back to back with a all one length buzzed undercut but an all one length buzzed undercut can seem a little harsh in some instances.
Dont get me wrong I love a good #2 buzzing all the way around on an undercut. It's striking looking, but I really appreciate the look of a faded undercut.
When the long top hair is worn up, the exposed fade add's a little something to the haircut,
 I have unfortunatley havent seen what a faded undercut looks like when the long hair from atop the head is worn down how so many including Mrs Mac is wearing it these days.
I wonder if the longer wispy hair coming over the buzzed area on the sides, mixeed with a faded buzz might look confusing and inconsistant.  On the other end of it though I wonder if long hair laying over the faded undercut gives it a more blended look.

 I've done my best to give you all examples in this posting with pics and the Pink video.

Mrs Mac is considering getting this to tweak her style, but doesnt think it's worth doing seeing her undercut is brown and Pink's is blonde which she feels accenuate's the contrast of the fade.
Mrs Mac think's 1.) it will grow in too fast to even be worth doing 2.) It wont show with her brown undercut.

So here's where your opinon counts.
Let us know what you think
Is a fade added even worth doing?
Would it even be that noticable?
Is Mrs Mac right that the undercut would need to be bleached blonde as well?

Give us your feed back and look for Mrs Mac to address this and much more Thursday night.
Till then..

PS: the best example of the undercut fade is the video itself.


wayner222 said...

Hey Mac,
I love the fade undercut on any color hair. It does tend to grow out quickly, needs constant trimming to look really sharp. I think Mrs Mrs Mac should go for it. My fave pic is the one in front of the brick wall.

John Macguyver said...

Thanks the input Wayner. Its been really hard to find decent pics of a fade on an undercut. The pink video itself and the brick wall background are my best bet to use as reference. Seeing Mrs Mac gets her hair recut every 6-8 weeks i know if she got the fade it would be a short lived thing as it probably needs to be rebuzzed as a fade every 2 weeks and something like a fade is definetly something I dont have the skill to do at home myself for her.

Perfect-Cut said...


I haven't understood exactly what a "fade" is but I'm beginning to think it is similar to what I call an "unblocked nape". Seems most "hairheads" like to see a clean abrupt demarked line at the bottom edge of a nape. Not me! Mrs PC has a great back nape hairline (unlike some people) - no uneven edges or swirls. I call that a "blocked" nape. Therefore an "unblocked nape" does not have the lower part of the nape shaved.

I like a gradual decreasing hair length from something #2 at the top of the exposed nape and "fading" (I guess) shorter and shorter to nothing at the bottom the nape. I LIKE how it grows in - it is more of a natural look. If you "block" a nape you have a disparate grow-in - that is, the regular part grows and then the originally shaved/close clippered part starts to grow back and now you have a "bi-level" thing going on back there.

Some people like "blocking" the nape because it gives those hairheads an very regular reason to get the clippers out and "clean their lady up".

For Mrs PC's unblocked/fade nape see 2011-11091.jpg at and 2011-10228.jpg to see how it grows out.

Another great freshly cut "fade" is Elodie's most recent cut over at PassionCarre', see: #2 photo at There is no under cut but you can see it go from nothing up to something.

I say to Mrs Mac to GO FOR IT. She will rock it.


Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Wayner222, the style worn by the lady in front of the brick wall would be smashing on your wife!

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