Saturday, November 17, 2012

Get The Party Started/Mrs Mac Haircut 11/16/12

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

It's Nov 17th a day after Mrs Mac's Nov 16th  hair appointment, and as promised
We have an update.
So last time I posted I shared the options and possiblities of where Mrs Mac's next hair appointment
would take us.
Would Mrs Mac have it rehighlighted?
Completely bleached blonde?
Undercut/buzzed to a #3? or a #2?
Would thre style be the same?

Well the wait is over.
To say the past several months have been trying for me would be an understatement
I know I've let the blog slack, between us moving, and now i've been dealing with what it seems
one health problem after the other.
Cold, sinus infections, possibly the flu, bad reactions to medicine, and a cold again
Yeah that's been my Late Sept-through mid November

In that time though I've managed to post some pic collections, and update Mrs Mac's haircuts twice
I've got tons of  famous women lined up to be Short Haired Babe Of The Week. And have a decent amount of Wish They'd Cut It Short, so bear with me and I promise I will have tons of new postings in the next month.

Onto Mrs Mac's hair appointment.
Due to me not feeling well, and staying home with my daughter Friday night, I didnt make it out
to Mrs Mac's appointment
I can say without letting the suspense twindle, that going into the appointment Mrs Mac had her mind
set on getting it bleached. Just how much bleached was up in the air.
We had both discussed whether she should get it bleached all over, including the buzzed sides and back, or leaving it it's natural color for a contrast.
Ultimately Mrs Mac and her stylist decided it be best to bleach the long top hair only and leave the
buzzed hair it's natural color.
Mrs Mac brought quite a few pics, most that you've seen, and alot of Pink's.
Pink has always been a favorite of Mrs Mac and she finds Pink to be inspirational.
Especially Pink's style and look.

In case you were wondering Mrs Mac and myself both saw Pink on VH1 this week with her appearance on StoryTellers and the Vh1 Behind The Music of Pink.
So it was definetly a Pink theme this past week.

So back to the moment of truth.
Mrs Mac and the stylist decided not to bleach it all over, as the buzzed part grows in so quick,
that it would require it to be rebleached every couple of weeks.
We just dont have the resources to do this every 2 weeks, and definetly wouldnt trust trying to match
the color by redoing it at home with bleach.

I wish I could tell you more about the process and cut but alas I want there this time.
Mrs Mac did tell me the following.:
Her stylist bleached the top first, the process to a while, especially getting all the same color throughout and over the contrast of the highlights.
After the bleaching was done, the stylist brought Mrs Mac over to the chair, and pinned her bleached hair up on top, and proceeded to taking out the clippers, attaching a #2 and buzzing everything that was unbleached ( the back and sides)
When it was all said and done, they both decided to look up pics of Pink for reference in my wife's nook in the salon so the stylist could see how Pink style's it upwards and sprayed gelled up.

So with that, that's how Mrs Mac came home, completely Pink'd up, with a very cool looking
tossled updo cut.
I do plan on taking pics of her hair styled down as it is usually, but for now I managed to get these
pics shortly after Mrs Mac came home and before she hopped in the shower and washed the gel out.

So there you have it
Below is the pics
Until next time.



Enzo said...

Wow Mac! What a great haircut! I'm tempted to ask Mrs. Mac to Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
The long hair on top is going to leave so many stying options. I look forward to seeing how Mrs Mac will be stying her hair in future.

I'm praying everyone got the above Pink refernce and didn't think i was being lewd. I just couldn't resist.


John Macguyver said...

LOL I got the reference immediately. For those not in the know, Enzo is referencing one of Pink's songs called Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Thanks for the comment. We're happy with the results. Mrs Mac is kinda bummed though she didnt get alot of comments/ compliments this time around from people she knows.
The people in the salon, including thr stylist and assisant loved it.
The only issue I have is Mrs Mac was told to get conditioner as soon as possible.
I'm worried about breakage from the bleaching process.

mark said...

Wow great cut and beuatiful blond!!! Mark

John Macguyver said...

Thanks Mark. Thanks for posting a comment. Hope to hear more from you.

Perfect-Cut said...

Mac & Mrs,

You are lucky. And that is a GREAT haircut. I'm looking forward to seeing this cut styled casually & then styled fancy.

Pink better look out.


John Macguyver said...

Hi Perfect Cut,
Thanks for the comment. So far Mrs Mac is wearing it down as she usually does, but we have in the next few weeks our anniversary and will be going out for a night on the town and I'm sure I can convince her to wear it up like she had it when she got out of the salon the night of the cut.

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