Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mrs Mac Hair Flashback Jan 2010'

Welcome Back All to The Pixie Revolution,

It's been too long.
We've weathered Hurricane Superstorm Sandy here in PA. I wont say it was easy.
We lost power, and lost a few days of work. But we were lucky compared to the people of
New Jersey and New York.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy
Watching Niteline on ABC the other night and seeing the people of Staten Island New York and
how entire neighboorhood's are gone is heartwrenching.
If you havent already and have the resources too , please take the time and donate anything
 you can to Red Cross. Clothes, furniture. anything.
As you probably have seen , people have lost everything, including the shirts off their backs.

We had gotten electricty back by Wed, but out of respect to the victims of Hurricane Sandy,
I decided to not post anything or update the blog for the rest of the week.

In the face of disaster, how we wish for our wives to wear their hair quickly become secondary
I've realized.

I've certainly have had enough material to add to the blog, so there certainly wont be a shortage
of new stuff in the coming days and week.

For now I'm adding pics from Jan of 2010 of Mrs Mac. 
Mrs Mac was still in full swing of the angled bob era.
It seemed as th winter months came and Mrs Mac's highlights grew out Mrs Mac's hair took on the shade of a redish strawberry blonde. It was actually her natural hair color, with one of the nicest
angled bobs. No layers, all of them had long grown out.
The funny thing is Mrs Mac's natutal color is dirty blonde/light brown mixed, so to this day we're not
sure what was going on. She hadnt dyed her hair, and it seemed her color became a warm redish blonde.

Anyway, here are the set of pics.
As you'll notice, our stylist had given Mrs Mac a V shape in her nape. She had done it before
to perfection, yet for some reason this time, she didnt get it just right, and it turned from being a straight line and a V in the middle which I liked, but rather an entire V shape to the nape.
Mrs Mac hated it I must say.
Overall the cut was very nice, and her hair conditon with out highlights was healthy and glossy.
Looking back, I love seeing this style of Mrs Mac and love the sharp lines and precison.

Below: one of the pictures we used for reference for the cut

On a side not update to Mrs Mac's current hair, which I will postpics of in a few days, she is due for a trim/cut Nov 16th.
However, for some reason Mrs Mac has become so into the buzzed part of her haircut, more so
then I've ever seen her, she has started saying she cant stand how fast it grows out ans wishes she could get a good buzzing inbetween.
This has raised an interesting proposition, that I offered to rebuzz her hair/undercut for her.
A comment I made to see what she'd say and she quickly, told me she would be fine with it.

So I am at the crossroad dilema of whether to use our Wahl clippers 2 weeks before her cut and
rebuzz it for her.
Do I have enough skill. Would I mess it up?
Would we use a #3 or the #2 that she likes, which I feel is slightly severe.
The fact it is purely undercut all around from sides to back and is a perfectly straight line,
makes me think I could pull it off, without messing up the longerhair on top.
As we both like the current length of the longer top hair.

So that's where we stand now.
Let us know what you think.
This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.
I seriously thought Mrs Mac was pulling my leg when she suggested I rebuzz it between cuts.
As Mrs Mac has never allowed me to trim/buzz her hair with exception of cleaning up her outline once.
If we are going to do it, it would have to be by this weekend, as waiting any longer, Mrs Mac would
just be inclined to wait till Nov 16th.


wayner222 said...

Hey Mac
I say go for the clippering, like you Mrs has only let me trim up her outline 1 time many years ago. It may be a one time offer. I think I would be tempted to use a #2 guard, but think I would go with #3. Leave a little more for the stylist to take off, you know she's coming home with a #2 in a couple of weeks!

wayner222 said...
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Anonymous said...

I say go for it,a no2 or a no1.1/2,there will still be enough growth for the hairdresser to take some more off next visit,the chance may not come your way again.btw i love the shaved v-neck.:-)

Enzo and Anna said...

Hey Mac,
Glad to see you and Mrs Mac made it through the storm without any issue.
Thanks for sharing the flashback photos of Mrs mac. I'm a sucker for a great bob and love the cut.
Regarding taking the clippers into your own hands, I say, try it, but start with a number 3 first. If you mess up, it won't bee too bad. You can always go shorter if you need to.