Thursday, January 3, 2013

Short Haired Babe Of The Week 1/3/13

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

Here is our first Short Haired Babe Of The Week for 2013.
When choosing a new SHBOW I tend to gravitate to unknowns or new discoveries rather then
share with you all someone you;ve already seen on tv or from the music or entertainment world.
While it's challenging to find someone new to share it is definetly more fun.
We've had SHBOW from the music industry, from televison and movies, and even a few models from the tattoo world.
This week we go to the world of women's mixed martial arts.
This week's SHBOW is Bec Rowdy Hyatt
Bec is from Australia and is mother of two and a mixed martial art fighter.
for more pictures check out her twitter and facebook page.