Thursday, January 3, 2013

Short Haired Babe Of The Year 2012

Welcome Back,

It may be a couple of days late, but I thought it would be fitting to chose the Short Haired Babe
Of The Year.
The guideline requirements in choosing who would be Short Haired Babe of The Year is simple,
They had to be featured as a Short Haired Babe Of The Week in the year 2012.
Other factors in choosing who would get top honor is if their short hair style further promoted short hair styles for women. Did they wear it postively. Have they've had short hair longer then a small period.
With that the finalist in this choice were Miley Cyrus and Pink.
While some probably think miley should get top honor's for the year, two factors made me lean towards Pink.
1.) As much as Miley's pixie cut took the twitter world and entertainment world by storm, her cut
didnt catch on with others who wanted to copy Miley. While Miley's inital choice in the side swept undercut pixie is emmensely popular right now in the short hair world, she did not create it.
This style had been making huge strides thru the early part of 2012 and it seemed Miley had seen the look online and took it as her own. While that is commendable, and she did appear at award shows and on Two and A Half Men with her bleach blonde pixie undecut, she didnt keep it nearly as long as I would had liked. To further my point at the MTV's VMA's Miley appeared with her pixie cut poofed up in an almost indentical cut and style of Pink who appeared on the red carpet the very same night with the same cut. Leaving many to speculate that Miley's pixie cut was inspired by Pink's pixie cut. Miley's initial cut and photo's she put up on twitter matched Pink's pixie to a T, and then by coincidence or not Miley then had the same exact undercut bouffant cut fo the VMA's as Pink.
While this cut looked great on Miley even if it was inspired by Pink's own haircut, Miley didnt keep it very long.
Instead of going for extensions like so many others do after cutting their hair short, Miley actually  kept going shorter and shorter, into what I would call nothing short of a Annie Lennox greasy looking ultra short Ceasar cut hybrid. Some have even gone as far as comparing pics of Miley's current ultra short cut to Eminem's bleach blonde comb forward ceasar cut of the early 2000's.

While utlra short cuts might be some people's cup of tea, my feeling is if your going to go that short go with a bold #2 all over buzz cut like a Natalie Portman, Mena Suvari, or Amber Rose. The end result of what Miley has currently is blah looking to say the least. It almost looks as if it's a chemical haircut as I wonder if breakage from the bleach was a factor in cutting off the inital stylist cut.

The final factor in what made me choose Pink is not only is her current cut a stylish one, it seems Pink reinvents her look and hair every few years, while still keeping her hair short.
Pink isnt a follower she is an innovator and has had short hair for years.
In 2008 she had a layered pixie that was awesome and fresh looking , and has gone from faux hawks, asymetrical cuts and even buzzed napes, and upon her return to the limelight in 2012 she reinvented her look with a pixiecut which featured a long top and striking all around buzzed undercut on the sides and back.
So with that here is 2012's Short Haired Babe Of The Year.
Instead of recapping this post with pictures you've already seen from her SHBOW post from Sept 12'
Here is a few never before shared pics of Pink from this past year.


Enzo and Anna said...

I would have bet the farm that you would have picked Miley as SHBOTY, but given the reasons you provided, I can see why Pink is the clear winner.

Anonymous said...

Excellent choice!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some excellent styles on Mrs Mac!