Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Mullet Making A Comeback for Women?

Welcome Back,

It seems the fashion world this fall is jumping on a new trend that is really as old as Joe Dirt.
According to an article on AOL, the mullet is making a comeback this fall on the fall fashion runways.
Why exactly is anyone's guess, but it is worth noting that for many of us it is the "Anti-Buzzed Nape Haircut". or "AntiBob" if you will

While it could be categorized as a short hair style it is short in all the wrong places and long in all the wrong places.

So far Rihanna has been the first to jump on this hopefully shortly resurrected hair trend.
There is also Sandra Bullock being featured on a magazine cover with what looks like a quasi mullet.

Luckily before now, the only female celebrity who has sported a mullet in recent years was Scarlett Johanson.
And I must say, as attractive as Scarlett is, the mullet she had actually somehow made one of the most attractive women alive today into something I hate to say looked unattractive.

I will say the only positive of Rihanna's mullet is it seems the sides are buzzed short and it looks like a Mohawk a little, but I will have to wait and see where this goes and if more pop's up before I lay judgement on this latest incarnation of the mullet.

See the article for yourself and I forwarn you it isn't for the buzzed nape loving faint of heart.



wayner222 said...

Noooo! Not the mullet. That is the anti anything hairstyle. Mrs 222 has a little bit of that going on with her "not so short on the back" instructions and I hate it. Next thing you know it will be a shag. Yukk! One good thing is a lot of ladies have had their cut ultra short, so it should take some time for it to die out completely. Hopefully by then they'll come to their senses and cut those tails off.

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