Tuesday, September 17, 2013

P!nk On Cover Women's Health Magazine

Check out this months issue of Women's Health featuring P!nk
 With all that's going on in the hair world, such as Miley dying her pixie brown and dropping hints she's on the grow out, and the dreaded Mullet making a comeback on the fashion runways, isnt it comforting to know that Pink is still rocking the pixie undercut updo?
check out the pics in the magazine and article and check out Pink this weekend as she co-stars in the movie "Thanks for Sharing"


Perfect-Cut said...


Have you seen "Miley: The Movement" on TV and "Thanks for Sharing" - the movie with Pink?


John MacGuyver said...

Hey Perfect Cut. How have you been?
Yes I have seen Miley The Movement and all her various appearances on SNL, Jimmy Fallon etc. I have way too many pictures just in the past few weeks of Miley's hair that i havent posted yet. Not to mention all the copycat cuts that are popping up everywhere. It took about a year, but her cut has caught on like wildfire amoung women in their early 20's thru 30's. Say what you will about the controversey that follows her, but she has without a doubt brought undercut pixies front and center in pop culture. This cut is on scale with The Mia Farrow, Dorthy Hamill, or Jennifer Aniston "Rachael" cut as far as how influential the look has become on hair trends.

John MacGuyver said...

As far as Thanks For Sharing, I have not seen the movie yet, but Mrs Mac and myself look forward to seeing it when it comes out on dvd.