Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays From Pixie Revolution

Welcome Back to The Pixie Revolution,

Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.
We started this blog back in late July and so far in the past 6 months we've have developed a decent
It's absolutely great that we get a 1000 views a day on this blog.
All I can ask for as a wish is that we got more comments.
The faithful commentors, you know who you are, Enzo, Perfect Cut, Wayner, Thank You for your support!
This blog wouldnt had made it without you.
While we had a rough couple months in early fall with having to move and me having a few health issues, you guys are the ones who helped keep me motivated me with your devotion and gave me the added energy to update the blog even it was just adding updates and picture post.

2012 has been a banner year for women's short haircuts. It was the year we saw the sidecut/sidebuzz take the hair world by storm. Mainstays such as the angled bob held it's own, as short hair on women got a major boost and mainstream attention with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Ginnifer Goodwin being on network TV weekly with an adorable pixie, and Rihanna and Pink once again reinventing their images with buzzed undercuts and sidebuzz's.
We also saw British pop singer Ellie Goulding have the number 1 hit in the U.S with "Lights" bringing her blonde pinkish hued buzzed side cut to further into the mainstream of pop culture.

We've also saw a retro pixie make strides with the likes of the always classy Michelle Williams.
And the additon of Anne Hathaway to the short haired world.
Many of you might be asking why Anne Hathaway has not been featured on this blog?
When she first got her hair cut off I was not a fan of it to say the least, for the premiere of Les Miserabe's it seems her pixie has grown to a more appealing looking slicked down pixie. I was very close to featuring her as a SHBOW until I heard her do the press junket run for promoting her movie, and her thoughts on cutting her hair is disappointing.
Say what you will about her appearance. I am a firm believer if you dont have any nice to say dont say anything at all, so i'll leave it at that, but when you dislike your haircut, and dont embrace it, it makes something look even more unappealing. To be honest short hair on Anne doesnt look the best, but I think it's how she caried it and her negative attitude on having short hair, that made it even less attractive.
So there's the long answer.

So what's in store for 2013 in the world of women's short hair styles?
Will the sidecut sidebuzz continue to take the fashion world by storm?
Will it be a short lived passing trend?
Are we seeing the last of the angled bobbed haircuts?
With Miley Cyrus now going to an Annie Lennox looking ultra short pixie will we see a even shorter trend in short hair?
I'm starting to see buzzcuts here and there on sites.
Will it remain on the outward fringe of mainstream?
Will the new trend be a grow out of the sidebuzzed undercuts?

One of my opinions is we will see a comeback of the retro early 90's bowl/pixie cut that Demi Moore,
Josie Bissett, Pheobe Cates and Chyna Phillips of Wilson Phillips made popular in the early 90's as a backlash to the severity of the buzzed side look.
I may be wrong and it may be another year or two off, but I see that making a comeback.

In the next week I plan on finishing up the year with a Best Of Picture post, of some of my favorite haircut pictures that i've posted in the past year, as well as one last SHBOW for 2012.
I also have yet another set of pics of Mrs Mac who went and got her hair professionaly toned downed and got lowlights to go back to how her hair color looked in early summer.

Mrs Mac has gotten a ton of compliments on the cut and color, since she went back to a more natural color as the bleached out look was short lived due to negative comments as mentioned on my previous post.
Which leaves me to my last comment. Besides all of you making this blog, I have to thank the person the most responsible and that is my wife, Mrs Mac.
She is an inspiration to me and this blog.
She was a short haired babe when I met her and has continued to be one to this day.
Her willingness to try different short hair styles in the past 7 years and her love for short styles, is what inspired this blog to exist in the first place.
While we fill this blog up with fun post and picture collections, the heart and soul of this blog
is for and about my wife.

Once again thank you to all and see you in 2013.
Check back this coming week between Christmas and New Years for the Best Of 2012 pictures, SHBOW and a few more surprises.


Enzo and Anna said...

Looking forward to seeing what else you have to share in 2013 Mac.

Thanks for a great blog.

Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and Mrs. Mac

wayner222 said...

I'm looking forward to a return to the retro style pixies and bowlcuts for 2013. I prefer the softer more feminine cuts, not quite so severe as some of the sidecuts etc. we're seeing lately. Still love a super close nape though! Give Mrs Mac a big hug for being a short haired babe and so adventurous with her styles. Can't wait to see what the next year brings. Following along with you guys and your wives has helped me so much in opening up with my wife about my hair preferences. She still thinks it's a bit weird but seems to be coming along. Keep up the good work, looking to following along in 2013!
Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy Holidays