Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wish They'd Cut It Short 12/6/12

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

It's been a while since we've featured this topic on the blog.
Pervious nominee's for Wish They'd Cut It Short have been Kaley Cuoco and Carly Rae Jepsen,
just to name a few.

This time around I have another two picks.
Both unique and different in their looks.
The first is someone ironically that I have featured a great deal on our blog under the pictures
section. She has long hair but also short hair at the same time. What the heck am I talking about you
My first nominee for Wish They'd Cut It Short is British singer Ellie Goulding.
Ellie you see has a sidecut that features a buzzed left side.
She's had blonde hair, a pinkish hue to it, but through it all has sported a sidebuzz that at times
seems to grow in a bit, then is rebuzzed. It has looked like it was a minimal sidecut, then in other
pics it seems to go back pretty far to extend to the nape along the sides.

While I appreciate a sidecut in itself as a form of short hair fashion, for me seeing it on Ellie is a tease.
I happen to think Ellie is as cute as a button and has a tinkerbell pixish quality, only matched by her voice.
While I dont envison all women who have sidecuts cutting the rest off and getting a sidecut pixie,
Ellie Goulding stands out to me as someone who would look perfect with short hair.

Below is a collection of Ellie pictures. And pictures as well of cuts I could see her in. Some of the women in the pics below even remind me of Ellie. So it seems natural to me that Ellie could pull off a sidebuzzed pixie look.

Let me know what you think.

And here's some pics of styles I think Ellie would look awesome in:
This lady below even reminds me of Ellie.

And here's some more style ideas for Ellie:
If I were a stylist and Ellie wanted to go short I would either suggest a short sleek cropped pixie
or go with the side swept undercut buzzed side and back pixie which would work best I think with her current style.

                                                                Below a pic of Ellie
Below: this would be the end result of the cut

Our next pick for Wish They'd Cut It Short is actress Cobie Smulders
Cobie stars on the tv show How I Met Your Mother.
Not only does Cobie have striking features she has incredible hair!
Cobie has flirted with getting her hair cut shorter, as a few years ago she cut her very long
hair into a shorter close to shoulder length cut.
The best chance we short hair enthusiast had of her going short though came with the filming
of the movie The Avengers. In it she had a small role as a SHEILD agent.
What is interesting about this is in the comic book the agent she plays had a pixie cut.
Instead of getting it cut short for the movie, Cobie sported a tied back bun/pony tail look.,
It did however give us a glimpse of what she would look like with her long hair off her face.
Cobie has the classic beauty/ look that reminds me of a Stephanie Seymour. Her features are striking enough that she is the kind of girl that certainly doesnt need short hair to bring out her feaures.
I wouldnt  neccesarily go with a short pixie on Cobie but rather an angled bob or an edgy layered longish pixie.  Given how thick and shiney Cobie hair looks most of the time, I think an angled bob would look best on her.
Below is a collection of pics of Cobie and as you will see she is incredibly hot as is with long hair.
Below those pics you will find pics of short styles that I could picture her in.

Below: Comic rendition of character Cobie played in Avengers ( note comic version had short hair)

                               Below: Cobie in The Avengers with hair pulled back for role

Below: styles I could see Cobie with.
Either the angled bob with buzzed nape or a longish pixie with buzzed nape



wayner222 said...

Hey Mac
Great picks for Wish They'd Cut It Short! Both of these girls would look awesome in short hair. You nailed it with the last pic for Ellie, love that one. I think the one in the red t-shirt , holding a mirror would look great on Cobie. The side swept bang and neatly trimmed all around would would be perfect.

Perfect-Cut said...


I'm back at the keyboard. Great post. I really like the first suggestion photo (the "Keep Calm..." girl). She and the haircut is a real cutie. Keep up the good work. A month or more of hair photos of Mrs Perfect-Cut coming soon.