Saturday, December 8, 2012

Letting Her Hair Down/New Mrs Mac photoset

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

It's ben an active week this week on our blog. We've had a couple of post,
and things seem to be picking up as far as new postings and ideas. After a couple of months
of distractions dealing with moving and health issues, I'm finally able to devote the amount
of time I'd like to to this blog.

The following set of pics are of Mrs Mac with her hair being worn down.
As you remember the night of her last cut Mrs Mac's stylist did her hair up after Mrs Mac took her
Nook out and showed the stylist a few pictures of Pink with her hair done up.

As you will notice Mrs Mac's hair has settled down a bit and isnt as bright.
The explanation for this is a long one and will obviously be talked about further in another post
But let's just say for now. Other then myself and you guys on here. Mrs Mac got a backlash of sorts of how "Bright" her hair was when first getting it bleached.
Enough negativity and it wore on Mrs Mac and she went back to the salon and got a wash in toner

The toner is temporary and as a result, the color hue and been going back and forth between bright bleached blonde, and a warmer redish blonde and then settles back into a darker blonde closer to Mrs Mac's natural color.

I've tried convincing Mrs Mac to leave it alone and let bleached blonde color show.
This topic is one that I will cover more in another post which I'm sure will get lots of feedback and comments for.
And that will be about how other's unsolicted negative comments influence our signifigant other's style and color choices.
All was fine until some morons opened their mouths and put the seeds of negativity into Mrs Mac's head.

Anyway, before I get angry about it all again, here is the new set of pics as promised.
They were taken almost 2 weeks ago now.
Sorry for the delay
~ Mac




wayner222 said...

Hey Mac
Great pics of Mrs Mac's down style. The salon look is nice, but I always look forward to the more every day style when Mrs does her own hair next day. The color looks good too. The negative comments get me going too. Seems every time Mrs 222 gets a really great style, some ass makes a comment and spoils it. Seems it's usually someone with no sense of style themselves. I think Mrs stores these comments somewhere, because she remembers them for a long time. Sorry, I could rant on forever about that! Mrs gets a cut & color on Wed. Hope I'm as happy with it as you seem to be with Mrs Mac's.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the negative remarks,you can be sure out of 12 or more good comments women will forever remember the 1 bad comment!.i know you wifes hair isnt as "bright" as it could be,show her some of my wifes pics,now thats a "bright" colour!i would love to see your wifes hair cut closer up the sides and the back ,more cropped all round more like myley cyrus :-).
heres some of my wifes Bright hair.

Enzo and Anna said...

One thing Anna & I have learned is that you can't please everyone. Everybody has an opinion, but the only one that counts is the one the guy or gal that wakes up next to you in the morning has. Understandably, there are outsiders who believe they neeed to express thier opinion, but at the end of the day, they don't lay down next to you.
So don't let others persuade you Mrs Mac. If you like what you see in the mirror, and Mac also likes it, then everyone else's opinion means nothing.


wayner222 said...

Great advice for all the ladies!

Perfect-Cut said...


Let me add my voice to those that abhor the people that violate the maxim "If you don't have something nice to say - don't say ANYTHING." I'm lucky that Mrs Perfect-Cut's personal friends, work friends and acquaintenses are only complementary about all the hair cut and color shenanigans I put her thru. Just take a look at the "Cuts and Colors of Mrs PC" section on my website to see the varieties.

As to Mrs Mac's current cut, while I really liked the "up" styling in your previous post (a great style to use on a special date night out) and I even like the "combed up and away" photos revealing the short clippered undercuts BUT I really LOVE the soft combed down look the best. You and I (and a million other Internet Hairheads) know that under that soft professional look is that clippered undercut that you can caress anytime you want. NICEEEEEE.


John Macguyver said...

Hi everyone. thanks for all the comments. I had attempted to leave comments a few days ago but the computer I've been using has really been acting up.
To respond in general to everyone's post.
It was actually Mrs Mac's idea to bleach her hair blonde, not mine. She had been toying with this idea all this past summer, and then really starting talkig about doing it in Nov when she did.

While Mrs Mac has gotten the occasional comment from the same people about her hair being buzzed. Just a generic oh you buzzed your hair again. nobody really had ever negatively commented on the style. It wasnt until she got in bleached that the negative comments started, and the "Oh it's so bright" but a pair of shades on if you dont like it would be my answer.
Out and about Mrs Mac actually get's compliments from random women who say they love her haircut. So it's a work related issue as far as the snide color comments.
It was enough though that Mrs Mac went and got the color adjusted last night. I'll have a post on this as soon as possible with pics. Same style though, just retrimmed.

As far as changing the style or emulating Miley current cut, Mrs Mac loves her current style as do I so it would definetly be like this for a while. As far as Miley Cyrus, I loved her inital cut especially after she got the undercut buzzed, but as of late November her hair has turned into a train wreck. It started looking like a mohawk by late Nov, and by the latest pics I'v seen she now got it cut even shorter to an ultra short Annie Lennox looking bleached out pixie, which Im not crazy about at all. While some people like that ultra short look, I'm not on board with it, and I think it looks too severe and for me the "it" grabbing factor of what I find so appealing for women's short hair styles is the contrast of longish hair , longer hair on top, in direct contrast to short backs and or sides, and that's gone now on Miley. Her current cut is just "there" there's nothing to it. Reminds me of the mid/late 90's Ceasar cuts men had. ie tv show Friends and Eminem. While some ultra short cuts can be nice looking on women this cut Miley has is underwhelming and boring.

wayner222 said...

I totally agree with you on the Miley hair.I also like more contrast between a longer, softer, more feminine top and sides and back neatly barbered. Mmmm!