Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pixie Cuts August 1st 2012

We're Back

After two post that featured pics of my wife's current Pixie Cut for July 2012 and our last post
which was a Flashback to Mrs Mac's hair from the Summer of 2009, I'm going to share with everyone today a collection of some of the trendiest and hottest pixie cuts going around today.

The Masses have spoken. The post of my wife's hair for July 2012 got over 900 views in one day.
The post titled Flashback Hair 2009 got roughly 173 views so far.  I love angled bob's as much as the next hair enthusiast, but apparently based on numbers, the people liked Mrs Mac's July pixie cut pics more then her 2009 angled bob.  Music to my wife's ears of course, who prefer's her pixie over her previous angled bob cut.
So to keep everyone happy, I will continue to periodically share older pics of my wife's angled bob era, but stick with the theme that is our namesake The Pixie. It's nice to look back at that period, but this blog is geared to my wife's current cut the Pixieand all that is pixie right now.

So with that enjoy some of the hottest looking pixies in this post.
Some you may have seen out there some may be new. I particularly love the side sweeping bangs and buzzed shorter sides that seem to the focal point of the "new generation pixie"
Until next time.
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Mr Perfect Cut said...


Great photos of avant garde pixies. From my experience is you are on the lookout for stylish trendy short cuts go where the lesbians are. In our region they are sporting some of the cutest cuts out there. If you aren't near a gay and lesbian neighborhood you can tune in to Showtime's "The Real L Word" series about lesbians in LA and now NY and maybe TX. The first two season the cutest haircut was Romi who was a hairstylist I think but she has s shaved side and alternates between a blonde to brunette crown hair, see


And added this season is Amanda with a great all brite blonde stylish cut that she unfortunately covers in a stocking cap most of the first episode. This link does not do her justice:

http://www.sho.com/sho/the-real-l-word/cast/11708/amanda or better

So I found this shot on Google Images that is better but various shots during the show were even better views of the short side and the nape:


Consider checking out the show.


John Macguyver said...

Hi Perfect-Cut,

Thanks for your input. I checked out your links and they are definetly great cuts.
I have noticed that these new generation pixies are popular with alot of the bohemian, alternative, and artsy crowds as well as being very popular in large cities. We are about 2 hrs from NYC and an hour from Philadelphia and have seen side buzzed cuts quite a few times in the city of Philadelphia. I have also seen the side buzz pixie cut is popular in the L/B community as well. What I think is great about these new generation pixies is they seem to appeal to women from all walks of life and have cross over appeal from anywhere from lesbian, straight to bi women. You know a cut is taking off when it appeals to women from many different backgrounds.

wayner222 said...

I'm from Canada and I've been seeing a few of this type of pixie
in the malls in bigger centres as well. We live in a smaller city
and Mrs 222 has the shortest pixie I've seen around here and I'm
loving it! Hope it really catches on.