Friday, July 27, 2012

The Pixie Revolution Has Arrived

Welcome To Pixie Revolution. A New Blog for a New Kind of Pixie Haircut

What is the Pixie Revolution you ask?
The Pixie Revolution is the new wave of pixies haircuts that you may have seen.
They arent your Mom or Grandmother's pixies.
These pixies are for the 2000's and 10's
You may have seen them on the street of a major city or some small town.
These pixies haircuts take it to a new level with buzzed sides, buzzed back, long sweeping fringe bangs.
Some of these new pixies even combine elements of the angled bob haircut.

So what is this blog all about anyway?
Specifically this blog is inspired by my favorite pixie wearer my wife and our hair adventures.
My wife has gone from the Demi Moore Ghost haircut in 2006 to an angled bob to P!nk's haircut in 2008 back to an angled bob with a buzzed nape, and then in 2011 cut it all off to a daring pixie cut.
But it didnt stop there, it is ever evolving. In the Summer of 2011 My wife went with the Jenna Elfman bedhead pixie cut. In March of 2012 my wife tried the side buzzed and back undercut buzzed look.
And here we are in the summer of 2012. Currently my wife is sporting a combo of Jenna Elfman's pixie cut and P!nk's.
In the coming weeks and month I hope to share with you all my hair adventures with my short haired wife and give you updates on what my wife is going to try next as well as give you stories of our adventures from 2006 until now.
I also plan on blogging and sharing my love for many differen kinds of woman's short haircuts. From Angled bobs, to pixes to even the sidecut buzz that is so popular right now.
So sit back and get ready for the Pixie Revolution.


Enzo said...

Looking forward to seeing what your blog has to offer! Pixies are the hot cut of the 2010's

Mr Perfect Cut said...

Congratulations on starting your "Hair Couples" blog. You are off to a GREAT start and I will be checking in daily. I've added a link to your site on my site

John Macguyver said...

Thank You to both Enzo and Perfect Cut.
I'm still working out the kinks. I also will be putting up your links as well this week.
Thanks for all the support.

wayner222 said...

Hi John
Congrats on your new blog. Looking forward to another
place to visit and discuss my favourite topic, female hair. I love a great pixie that is well done.
Good luck!

John Macguyver said...

Thanks Wayner. Glad to have you on our site. Thanks for stopping by. Look for daily to semi daily updates and weekly post with stories and pics of my wife's past haircuts.

Anonymous said...

When my wife and i met she had hair to her ass ..i have a huge hair cutting fetish .she lets me chop her hair all the time. She now has a sexy cute pixie . .toda july 22 is my b day n i get to shave her nape nice n high . She gas let me shave her head completely bald before too . Hopefully tonite it goes vald again