Friday, July 27, 2012

Short Haired Babe Of The Week

Welcome Back
In our first week of The Pixie Revolution Blog I wanted to start a tradition of naming a short haired beauty as the Short Haired Babe Of The Week.
Each week with your support I will feature either a celebrity or non celebrity who either currently is rocking a short hair cut or has had one at one time immortalized in photo's.

Without further ado the very first Short Haired Babe Of The Week is:
Tiffani Amber Thiessen.

If you were an adolesent boy growing up in the late 80's and early 90's you will remember her as Kelly Kapowski from the tv show Saved By The Bell. You will especially remember her long flowing locks.

And if you watched Saved By the Bell you will remember several years after the show ended and The College Years spinoff ended as well they made a made for tv movie called The Saved By The Bell Wedding where Zack Morris married Tiffani's character Kelly. What's notable about this is in this made for tv movie Tiffani appeared with a stunning bobbed haircut. What was the most interesting and shocking fact about this is Tiffani went from having super long hair on the original Saved By The Bell show, then during the College Years episodes Tiffani cut a sizable amount of her hair off and had a copy of Jennifer Aniston's " Rachel" haircut. But when The Wedding tv movie debuted in 1995 Tiffani cut it even shorter to a stunning chin length bob.
For starters Tiffani has always had incredible hair. Even when she had it long it's beautiful but when she debuted with the chin length bob she took it to a whole other level.  This was by far my favorite look on her. From the glossy brunette strands that go just past her chin to the exposed neck. Not to mention how thick her hair is.
She did actually keep it this way for several years. Eventually going blonde and long again. But I like to remember her and her hair at it's apex hotness during her short haired bobbed period.
Here's to Tiffani's short haired moment in time
You are our honorary first Short Haired Babe Of The Week!

Got a suggestion for a future Short Haired Babe of The Week?
Feel free to comment and let me know.


Mr Perfect Cut said...

John, I agreee. I followed Tiffani and her transformation from a long-hair ingenue to a beautiful lady with several great short haircuts. Like you observed she reverted to long hair so I classify Tiffani as a "Two-Hit Wonder". Like Demi Moore that had TWO great haircuts in "Ghost" and then in "Indecent Proposal" and boring lank long hair between and after. What a shame.

John Macguyver said...

Perfect Cut. Thanks for the comment. I agree with you Tiffani looked incredible when she had short hair. Dissappointing that it was short lived though. Demi Moore's hair in Ghost and Indecent Proposal was awesome. The early 90's were a great time for short haired ladies. I also fondly remember Josie Bissett's pixie/wedge cut on Melrose Place as well as Wilson Phillip's own Chyna Phillip's blonde wedge too.

Enzo and Anna said...

I always founf this girl to be attractive with both long and short hair. She had a great bob and even had a haircutting scene in the movie "She Fought Alone"
A great choice for short haired babe of the week!

Enzo and Anna said...

Don't forget that Tiffani's counterparts on 90210, Jeannie Garth and Tori Spelling, eventully shed thier long locks for short hair.