Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wish They'd Cut It Short

Welcome Back to The Pixie Revolution,

Before I decided to make this blog, I already had a decent collection of pictures  saved of short hairstyles for women.
It was looking through them one day that an idea came to me.
One random picture of a funky short hairstyle that I found somewhere reminded me of actress Kaley Cuoco.
You might know her as Penny on the hit tv show The Big Bang Theory.
This random picture of a woman who looked very much like Kaley Cuoco but had short hair inspired me to come with a great idea that I knew if I ever started a blog I would use.

 Over the years I've seen so many photoshopped pictures of female celebrities with short hair.
Some were ok, but even with some of the greatest photoshopped technology available, alot of the pics's left me unimpressed. Some had weird necks where long hair was photoshopped out. Some had angled bob's that defied gravity by just stopping dead in it's track with no shape.  Some were prophetic showing pics of Britney Spears with a buzzcut, another with America Idol contestant Katherine McPhee with an angled bob ( this one was actually pretty good) All in all they were ok, but you could still tell they were photoshopped.
Then one day I came across this picture of a woman who looked like Kaley Cuoco with short hair, and the idea came to me, what if I just find pics of women and if they happen to look like someone famous feature the celebrity and show a pic of their non famous lookalike with short hair.
Kinda take it back to basics.
Since that time I've found a few pictures that look like celebrities, and hope to feature them in future  post.

On to Kaley Cuoco...
Kaley Cuoco is one of the stars of the immensely popular TV show The Big Bang Theory.
In the first season Kaley had stick straight  hair slightly past her shoulders with bangs.
See Below:

                                         I know hard to pay attention to the hair in this pic!

 That's been the shortest I've seen her hair. There are a couple of pictures out there with Kaley on The David Letterman show with what appears to be wavy hair which looks like it could be slightly above shoulder length. There's no doubt about it Kaley is an incredibly attractive woman. She's been featured in Maxim Magazine and done numerous photo shoots.
Of course I've always wondered what she'd look like with shorter hair.
I could definetly see her with a bob haircut. I could also see her with an angled bob like Jenny McCarthy had a few years ago. And after seeing the picture of a lookalike of hers I could definetly see her with a pixie, and something with buzzed sides and long bangs.
I'm not sure if Kaley would ever have short hair. Ive never seen her with short hair, and to be honest she seems to be the type of girl who I dont think would wear her hair short, but who knows maybe she'll surprise us some day.
So until then one can dream I suppose.
Here is a collection of Kaley Cuoco pictures and the picture of a lookalike with a striking sidebuzzed gelled up pixie that inspired this post. Also are several pics of some women who resemble Kaley and have short hair too. and a few pics of cuts I could see her in.
Take a good look at all of them and then let me know if you could picture Kaley Cuoco with short hair.
Is she someone you'd like to see with short hair?
Is she someone who you wish they'd cut it short?

                                                           Kaley Cuoco

                                              Below: Kaley Cuoco lookalike

                                                  The Real Kaley would look awesome with this cut !!!

                                    Below: some more Kaley Cuoco pictures for comparison

Pics of cuts I could see Kaley Cuoco with:

Have a celebrity who you'd like to nominate for
 " Wish They'd Cut It Short"?  Leave a comment or e-mail and we'll be sure to feature it in an upcoming edition.


Enzo and Anna said...

Penny (knock knock knock),Penny (knock knock knock),Penny (knock knock knock),
She is really cute, even with long hair. In the close up photo with the blue background, it looks like she has a bob. I wonder how much of that hair is really hers and how much are extensions.

wayner222 said...

I think she would look fantastic in the one that looks like the girl is screaming something. Love the short short sides and nape. Maybe outlined just a bit too.

John Macguyver said...

LOL. Love the Big Bang Theory reference when Sheldon knocks on Penny's door all the time. If I would have to guess I would think her real hair length is about the lenght it is in the picture I showed from season 1. I could be wrong though. Maybe it's all her hair. Maybe shew grew it longer. If you look in a alot of pics she doesnt have super thick hair to begin with, so maybe she uses extensions for extra volume.

John Macguyver said...

I have to agree with you Wayner. I like the pic of the girl who looks like her, but my favorites are of the girl who looks like she is screaming. I could totally see Kaley with that cut.

Perfect-Cut said...


You hit on a pet complaint of mine - that is actresses that start a TV series with a cut short(ish) cut only to see it grow long during the later years of the series. Penny of Big Bang Theory is a perfect example. At the strat of the series she had a cute short(ish) cut and it slowly grew to a generic longish cut.

My guess as to how this happens is that when the actress goes to the casting call she probably has long generic hair style (as most women do). After she gets the part, the creators of the show require her to cut and style her hair to fit their image of the character. Then as the show gets popular and the later years the actress because of her own preference or inertia lets her hair revert to a generic long style. Another perfect example is the lead female detective on Castle. She started the series with beautiful shiny rich brown collar-length hair - a great reason to watch the show. But now after several years the hair has degenerated to a generic long style.

Another idea you should explore is those actresses that have consistently (mostly) worn their hair short. My few examples are Denise Crosby (from Star Trek TNG), Sharon Stone and Carey Mulligan. To that list I would add Elisha Cuthbert. These ladies should be considered "Short Hair Goddesses". Do others have their own nominations the "Short Hair Goddess Hall of Fame"?


John Macguyver said...

Perfect Cut,

I think that's a great idea of adding a Short Haired Goddess section/post to this blog.
As far as why actresses on tv show have a certain length hair at the start of the show but then grow their hair longger through the duration of the show.
You might very well be correct, but I have another theory as well.
Maybe these women audition with shorter hair, and get the role, and are told they have to grow their hair or get extensions for the character. So for the piolit episode they have thier naturally shorter hair and then start growing it as the show goes on or get extensions.
I think some exceptions are shows like Friends that actually encouraged the female stars of the show to try new cuts. I know after reading it a while back that producers actually insisted on Courtney Cox going shorter and shorter as season 2 and 3 progressed. And Courtney did go shorter but then nixed going any shorter and refused to get a pixie that they suggested. Not sure who's idea was the Rachael cut, but it seems somebody producing Friends or the stylist for the show certainly liked shorter hairstyles on women. I think for the most part though producers and creators of shows all think women should have extremely long flowing wind tossled looking locks. And quite frankly the extension wearing long flow locks look has become so predictably boring and generic that it seems any women who's in a movie or tv show that doesnt follow the hollywood hair norm is a breathe of fresh air.

Perfect-Cut said...


Could be your way. Nice insight on the hairstyles of "Friends". Courtney Cox is what I classify as a "One Hit Wonder" of the hair world - that is she once had a great (short) haircut never to do it again. The highlight of Courtney's hair history was her appearance in Bruce Springsteen's 1984 video ( of "Dancing in the Dark". She is the cute short haired girl that Bruce see in the audience (at 2:28) and he pulls up on the stage (at 3:24). She has a cute thick naped boy cut not unlike Demi Moore (another Two Hit Wonder) in "Ghost".

My two cents.


John Macguyver said...

Perfect Cut,
Not only do I remember Courtney in the Dancing In The Dark video, I thought she was a real cutie then too. Great reference! Courtney does a great parody of the Bruce Springsteen video on an episode of Saturday Night Live with Adam Sandler as Bruce where they reenact the video. I think she had a bob at that point for the SNL skit though.
Courtney had some great short hair on Friends, from Seasons 3 and 4 too.
By Season 5 she was on the grow out again.
I do remember she had a great bob during season 4 that was really great looking. It was a pre angled bob era bob, but really classy looking
and shiny. I think she had a bob for Scream 2 as well. By the time 1998 and 99' rolled around though she had grown her hair out never to be short again.

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