Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Mrs Mac Photoshoot w/slicked back hair 10/20/12

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

As promised Mrs Mac and myself have taken some more photos.
Too many times before we've gotten some really good shots right after she got her haircut,
but then never follow up until her next cut and no inbetween pics.
With having to move in the last month, I'd like to think we did a pretty good job this time around
with pics as I managed to take before shots of Mrs Mac 24 hours before her cut, and then after
shots the very same night.
These pics were taken almost 2 weeks ago.
It shows a week's worth of growth, and as promised Mrs Mac posed for a few shots with her hair
slicked back to emulate the Pink and Miley look. I managed to get those shots after Mrs Mac hopped
out of the shower.
I'm still trying to convince her to wear her hair out and about for one night with it blown out and back and or slicked back like Pink and Miley have done.
Either way it's a great cut, and Mrs Mac is enjoying it very much. And I think a week or 2 of growth
actually makes it look ever better. Somewhere between a long #2 and short #3 seems best.
The severe shortness of a freshly buzzed #2 was fine with Mrs Mac , but left me a little overwhelmed and shellshocked by the shortness to be honest.
Let us know what you all think! I think a week or two of growth with this cut really makes it look ever better then the intial cut.
With that enjoy the pics!




wayner222 said...

I think you are right, the bit of growth takes away some of the harshness of the cut, adds a little softness to the look. I like it!

Enzo said...

Cut looks great Mrs. Mac. From the firtst day to current day, the cust still looks fab! I still think it's the highlights that take the harshness out of the cut.

Thanks for taking the time to share Mac, through the craziness of having to move.