Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pixie Cuts, Sidebuzzed, Undercut Pics 10/15/12

Welcome Back,

Sorry it's taken a little over a week for our weekly installment of pics.
For some reason it seems with the exception of us lovers of short haired on women, the internet
has seemed to be in a lull when it comes to activity and new pics.
Perhaps it's because it's the fall, who knows really, but it's taken me several weeks to gather enough pictures to have a decent amount to share with you all.
Some you might have seen on other blogs. I do aplogize if you've seen them elsewhere. The pool of new pics for short styles isnt a large pool so often you'll find the same pics on multiple blogs.
I certainly havent been on the ball when it comes to posting new pics in the past few weeks, so i'm sure some you may have seen already.
Anyway enjoy some you havent seen yet.

Dont know what to stare at first in this pic below!




Below: One of the most unusal yet intriguing side buzzed cuts I've seen. A Half long/ Half buzzed cut




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