Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pixie Cuts, Buzzed Napes, Sidebuzz Pics Oct 2nd

Welcome Back to The Pixie Revolution,

It's been too long. It seems no matter how hard I try to get posing more then once a week
It winds up being one time. Our move is winding down and unpacking is starting to begin.
Fall is in the air here on the East Coast, and Mrs Mac"s haircut appointment is fast approaching.
This Friday to be exact.
Mrs Mac has been chatting quite often about how much she cant wait to get her side's and nape rebuzzed.
Which is music to my ears.
We havent talked about what pictures Mrs Mac is bringing, but we have already talked about what she is having done.
The top left along, no layers, and the sides and and back rebuzzed and undercut.
Mrs Mac hair has grown in fast in the 6 weeks. You can still see where it was buzzed and and where to rebuzz it, but it's pretty much meshed in on the sides and slightler harder to see where the set buzz area starts.
As it stands now Mrs Mac will get it buzzed to a #3 again and the bottom nape tapered to a #2
but she has been so gung ho on the whole side buzz and nape buzz undercut that I'm sure if
the stylist and myself suggested to go shorter she would perhaps go with a #2.
I'm not sure how I feel about this.
When buzzed to a #3 it looks great for several weeks but after week 2, it starts losing it's luster
and buzz feeling.
I worry a #2 clippering will look too severe.
Mrs Mac loves Pink and has seen her new side and back buzz cut and really likes it and thinks Miley Cyrus's cut is cute. Dont know if that will translate though in wanting it that short.
On the other side of the fence, on one side worrying it will look too severe buzzed to a #2, I must admit
I love the shortness and how closely clippered Pink and Miley's sides and backs are. The contrast of a closely clippered #2 or #1 sides and back with the longer blonde hair draping over on top is a majorly appealing to me.
So with that we'll have to wait and see.
I do have some pics we took last weekend of Mrs Mac's hair, and plan on doing a night before and freshly cut pic set.
We alos found some pics on Mrs Mac's cell phone that she took of her hair over the past year,
which I've never shared before, so I will be getting to that too in the coming weeks.

Below is a collection of pics of a wide variety of short cuts.
We've got it all, celeb pics, side buzz, angled bob's , buzzed napes, old school first generation pixies,
new generation pixies, and look closely and you'll find a pic of Mrs Mac when she had a angled bob with a buzzed nape. See if you can figure out which one is her and let me know in the comment area.
Until next time...






Enzo said...

Hey Mac,
Hoping all is going well with the move. I'm sure Mrs mac won't dissapoint you on Friday. She's always had a great cut I'm looking forward to seeing some more of the wayback photos, like the one you tried to hide on this post. By process of elimination, I can tell Mrs mac is the 9th one down from the top, with the bluc shirt.

wayner222 said...

Hi Mac
Good luck with the cut on Friday. Sounds like Mrs Mac is into getting a good buzz! Mrs 222 is having a cut today. Her short nape pixie has grown furiously, needs a good clipping. Hope I get a chance to prompt our stylist. We always get the best cuts when I get her motivated.

Mr Perfect Cut said...


I wish you as good fortune on Friday as I had this Tuesday. The re-buzz, re-color, re-trim and soften the ends and front "no bangs bangs" went EXCELLENTLY. I couldn't have asked for it to turn out any better.

I glad to see that Mrs Mac is letting the top grow. I vote for the #2 on the nape and sides. Looking forward to see the final result - don't make us wait too long.


John Macguyver said...

Thanks everyone who commented.
Enzo: You get the prize. Not sure what the prize is though, lol.
The hidden Mrs Mac pic is indeed the one where she is wearing a blue shirt.
I really hate how this mov has put a hamper on uploading pics and doing updates.
I've been sitting on pics of Mrs Mac that we took 2 weekends ago showing her grow out and have yet to upload them. Probably will upload them along with the night before pics that I'll take tommorow and after the friday cut pics.
Wayner: Hope Mrs 222's cut went great. Yes Mrs Mac is indeed talking constantly how much she wants to get her back and sides clippered. It's almost like she is starting to enjoy the clippers used on her as much if not more then me watching them used on her. Something I'm sure I'll touch upon in a future post.
Perfect Cut: I will definetly check your update. I've been lucky if ive been on the net more ten 3 times in the past week. Cant wait to see Mrs PC's cut. Yes Mrs Mac really disliked her last cut's layered shortness on top. It's had 6 weeks growth and looks perfect right now, even the side sweeping bang length, so as it stands the back and sides are getting rebuzzed. The back is draping down over the grown out undercut, so we have to be careful and specific how we want it. I like the overall overlap length and would just like tos ee the undercut rebuzzed all around. I'm sure pics will be up this weekend or by Monday night, so be sure to check back. thanks!