Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Pink "Try" Video feat. Buzzed undercut

Welcome Back to The Pixie Revolution,
While I normally feature videos on here of women's short hair cuts such as pixies,
side cuts, side buzzed, buzzed napes and undercuts, I couldnt resist sharing this music video with you all.
The video was just released today and is up on youtube and if you like Pink or love short hair on women, you'll definetly like the video.
In it from the very start of the video  Pink is featured with a side and back buzzed undercut
with long sweeping bangs.
After watching the video today I realized just how much Mrs Mac's current cut is very much like
Pink's current hair.
See below pic of Mrs Mac and then the video
 Mrs Mac rocking Pink's haircut is very much a good thing!
Enjoy the video!


Perfect-Cut said...


Loved the video - I had to go to Vivo to watch it.

I think you should encourage Mrs Mac to grow the top hair much longer so that it can have more movement and contrast. What do you think?


John Macguyver said...

Perfect Cut,

I would love to see my wife grow her top hair longer like Pink's. The problem is, like the Jenna Elfman cut she had last year, which i featured a pic of when mrs mac's front hair bangs area layed half waydown her cheek, she began to dislike how it looked because it would just lay there and lay on her face and be in the way as she put it while doing work.
If I could get more pics of Pink with her hair down on her face like in this video, i might b able to convince Mrs Mac to grow it alot more in front. But it has to have movement like you said otherwise Mrs Mac will hate it after a while for just laying on her face