Friday, October 5, 2012

October Surprise

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

Well here we are and it's just about 1am east coast time Friday night early Saturday morning.
By now your all wondering how Mrs Mac's haircut went tonight.

I wont keep anyone hanging and wanted to get this up as soon as possible.
I know by putting this all up right away it leaves little suspense and I wont have anything new
in the Mrs haircut realm until mid November.
But I'm too excited not to put it up tonight.

So as promised we took some before shots last night.
They turned out pretty good I have to say.
It's with Mrs Mac's camera which we always use, but in our new bathroom and the lighting it seems,
 has added to the clarity and sharpness of the photos.

So last night we took a panaromic set of pics to show the full spectrum of Mrs Mac's current
hair, and I gotta say as I was taking the pics, I thought it looked pretty good. Really good infact, for not having it cut in about 6 weeks. Her last cut was August 23rd to be exact.
I finger combed it giving the overlapping drape a side swept look in the back. It looked healthy
and full. And for a moment I kinda felt bad Mrs Mac was going to be getting it cut shorter.
It really looked so nice as you will see in the before pics.

We discussed a little about what she planned on having done today, and it was as planned: the top
left alone no texturizing or added layers, and the back and sides rebuzzed. I actually did mention that
Perfect Cut suggested a #2 buzzing. Mrs Mac seemed open to the idea
and said she would talk to the stylist when she got there and in the chair and see what she thought.
I told her I would be happy with a #3 and she didnt have to push the envelope on my behalf.

Today came and our appointment was 5:15. Mrs Mac only get's out of work at 5pm, so I had to make tracks to pick up our kids and get them to the salon to meet up with Mrs Mac as the kids had trims too.
When I got there Mrs Mac was relaxing in the waiting area downstairs and still hadnt been called up yet. We managed to talk and I mentioned the possibility of a #2 buzzing and she said she would ask what the stylist thinks.
I honestly told her, I didnt know if it would look too severe or not, and it's her call and if she thinks
it would look too harsh go with a #3 instead.
Before long the kids got ther trims and Mrs Mac was next.
The salon was packed for a Friday night, so unfortunatley for me I couldnt get a front seat view like
I normally do when we have late appointments where I can plop down in one chair over as the kids play and no one else is left but our family and our stylist
So I held the fort down in the waiting area with our kids and could barely see as Mrs Mac and the stylist had the furthest back station.
I could see our stylist, and two sets of salon chairs blocking Mrs Mac's upper torso and head.
No fidgeting or manuevering could help me.
  The salon stations are up a set of stairs which are not much about 5 to 7 steps, but sitting down in the waiting area all the salon chairs block one another and if your in the back seat you cant see it from the waiting area.
So I see Mrs Mac talking to the stylist. I see she has her pictures, the same as her last cut.
They talk for a minute or so but with all the noise I cant hear a thing. Might as well be the Peanuts adult characters talking in all those Charlie Brown cartoons.

Through it all and my next to no view, I do see our stylist standing over Mrs Mac as Mrs Mac sits in the chair and I see clippers in her hand. I try to see what color the guard is, but it's hard to tell.
First I think it's a blue which would be a #3 then after moving in my seat to try and see again I realize that it looks from a distance to be purple which would indeed make it a #2.

I wish I could tell you more detail, other then I saw our stylist, push the clippers up into Mrs Mac's head in back, and that it went up really high. I only saw it go up one or two times, but it seemed
the stylist was plowing it up much higher then last.

About 15-20 minutes had passed and everyone in the salon had left, including the other stylist and customers so I made my way up to grab a seat in a salon chair right next to Mrs Mac.
Our Stylist took the clippers out one more time, almost as if to do it for me, and I saw it was indeed a
#2 guard, The stylist did a one more time once over all thru Mrs Mac's buzzed back and sides to make sure it was all even.
She then got the small clippers out and outlines around the ears a bit and cleaned the bottom up a bit.
She left the hairline natural though and didnt square it off or outline it as Mrs Mac likes it natural looking and feels it looks more feminine not outlines.
Mrs Mac and the stylist then told me they talked it over and agreed to go with a #2 but also they both
agreed they should take the clippered part up higher all around.
Which I noticed immediately.
Mrs Mac told me afterwards she wanted it this short, and I didnt have to worry that I pushed her.
It was her idea alone to take the set buzzed line up higher.
And I must say it is certainly buzzed up high.
We're talking Pink and Miley Cyrus territory folks!
In fact it reminds me of Miley's cut alot. We plan on taking pics of Mrs Mac with her hair
slicked gelled back like Miley did as when Mrs Mac got out of the shower tonight and combed it back it looked like this lady's hair:

So without further ado
Here is the before and after shots in order.
I should note it took alot for me to get the after pics tonight.
Mrs Mac was tired and cranky and ready for a shower, when I managed to get the pics and after reminding her of her fanbase on here she agreed.
I was determined to get pics of her freshly buzzed back and sides.
Tommorow ( Sat) we wouldnt be able to get them because Mrs Mac has an all day voulunteering
gig for our kids school and I know she would be beyond exhausted tommorow night for pics.
I did get Mrs Mac to promise a set of pics this coming week while the buzz part is still nice and short, and Mrs Mac wearing something nice and some hoop earings on like we did in the early July
pic set.

So let us know what you think?
Is a #2 clippering too short?
Have we gone too far?
Mrs Mac loves it.
But I think as far as how high the buzzed part goes and the #2 we've reached as far as we can
go with this cut as far as shortness.
Like Pink and Miley I think they've reached as far as they can go with severity.
Which leads to something I've been thinking about lately. It seems these new generation pixies, are going shorter and shorter with closely buzzed sides and napes and backs, and the top left longer, that there's no where else the style can go but longer if it continues to evolve. The envelope cant get pushed any further my friends.
For all intent purposes 3/4's of Mrs Mac's entire head is a #2 buzzcut.
The pull in on this cut is the contrast of longer hair on top and buzzed sides and buzzed back.
Once you've buzzed off all possible hair real estate but the top, you cant go any shorter, because if you buzzed the top off, you got a plain ol' all over buzzcut and you loose the very essenense of why we love these cuts and angled bobs:
The contrast between long(er) hair and buzzed hair.

So in my opinion, this trend will go as short as a #2 or #1 sides and back, but then you will see a grow out, and a new trend start that is longer and has the side buzzed look grown out.
I'm not sure what it will be but I predict those 90's bowl cuts with buzzed backs that Demi Moore, Josie Bissett and Chynna Phillips had might make a comeback as the next progression of the pixie cut as a result of going as far as you can go with the current sidebuzzzed back buzzed pixie. I see  softer less severe looking longer sides and blunt precise lines of longer hair but the back's being left buzzed short.
Not sure when this might happen maybe a year from now but that's my call. I'm sure it wont be exactly like those 90's bowl pixie cuts, but it will be reminiscent of them with a modern twist.
For now though Mrs Mac and myself are basking in her sidebuzzed and back glory.
I got alot of buzzed real estate to rub tonight.

Here is the before pics:

                                         This last shot below I thought Mrs Mac's hair looked great
                                            almost didnt want her to get it cut it looked so great

And now wait for it.....



Enzo and Anna said...

Lookout Miley & Pink! There'a a new babe in town rocking your copycat cuts. I actually like your hair Mrs Mac's better than Pink & Miley's due to the color. I've always been a big fan of highlights, and think it casts a softer, more feminine touch to a severe #2 buzz. The mix of highlights on top of a #2 are a perfect combination. Thanks for agreeing take the photos. I know how sometimes My wife is not in the mood for photos, and I too have to remind her of the followers of the blog. Speaking for all, we appriciate it.

Thanks again for sharing the photos

wayner222 said...

Wow! That is short and high. You are right, there isn't anywhere to go in the shortness department. I agree with Enzo about the color making it look more feminine. I'm actually looking forward to a bit of a grow out in the shorter styles. Hope you are right about the 90s bowl cuts and super short bobs coming back, perhaps with some radical tapering. Those are my all time favorite styles. I love the contrast of the longer hair and super short, with a sharp line cut in between. Mrs 222 just had hers cut, a little longer on top with a nice line over a short, neat nape and I love it.

Perfect-Cut said...


What a nice fresh haircut on Mrs Mac. I agree with Enzo in liking the highlights. I love the shortness of the sides and think this haircut will look better and better over the next several weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing the crown hair to grow longer on the sides and back as well as the bangs.

For my wish - in four to six weeks when the top is longer - recut the sides to the same high undercuts and as short but maybe with a slight fade from shortest at the bottom and slightly longer at the top.

Make sure to photo document this cut over the next several weeks and share them with us hairheads.


John Macguyver said...

Thanks Enzo.
Mrs Mac hasnt hopped on the blog here since her cut, but i'm sure she will be happy to see the compliment.
I feel bad sometimes the only pics I can get is right before a shower. We arent nudist lol. I just cant get any time to take a few pics with kids around and Mrs Mac after a shower because her hair would be wet. It's a small window some nights to get some pics.

John Macguyver said...

Thanks Wayner and Perfect Cut
Wayner. I have to say when I first took the pics friday night and uploaded them seeing Mrs Mac's hair in picture form instead of in person I realized just how very short it is.
It doesnt look as severe in person for some reason.
Perfect Cut: I agree with you on the length. Mrs Mac in the past 24 hours has commented that she doesnt like how the sides make her face square off. She loves the undercut the shortness of the buzzed hair , the height of the undercut, just thinks the sides need to grow down a little or at least on one side to give it less of a squared off side look. As far as color, Mrs Mac hinted to me and told our stylist that she may want on her Nov appointment to go all platnium blonde on top with her longer unbuzzed hair and leave the buzzed part it's natural color. I kinda would like to see it that way, but also like the highlights. Based on all your comments you guys prefer the highlights as well. I'll definetly make sure Mrs Mac knows you guys prefer the highlights.

wayner222 said...

Sorry, didn't mean to give the impression I thought Mrs Mac's cut was too severe, was speaking of short short styles in general. I think the cut looks great on her.

John Macguyver said...

Hi Wayner,

It's fine. I didnt take it as you giving an impression that Mrs Mac's #2 buzzing is too severe.
There's no denying it's VERY short. This is the shortest Mrs Mac's hair has ever been, not just as long as I've known her, but this is the shortest her hair has ever been ever!
I'll be the first to admit I was a bit shell shocked when I uploaded the pics and realized it looks ever shorter in pics then in person. It made me realize just how short the buzzed part really is and how high it's buzzzed.
But Mrs Mac chose it and I gotta hand it to her for pure braveness. I never harped on it for her to get and she went all out and got a #2 buzzing, in the fall no less!

I've loved it since the moment she got in last friday, even though I was a bit shocked at first. So just wanted to let you know I didnt take your comment in a bad way at all.

wayner222 said...

You are very fortunate to have a wife who enjoys doing different things with her hair and seems to have fun with it. I have to push for regular maintenance cuts. Left up to her it would be 3-4 times a year in the corner chop shop with a shaggy no-style.