Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pixie Cuts and Sidebuzzed pics 9/27/12

Welcome Back,

Here is this week's collection of pixie, sidecut and sidebuzzed haircuts.







Enzo said...

Awsome cuts! I'm really digging blonde hair with side buzz. Gives it a real feminine flair

Perfect-Cut said...

Mac, Great work scouring the Internet for us and getting all outstanding pictures for us. I hope that we see more of "Peggy" from "Mad Men" with that short blonde cut.


John Macguyver said...

Thanks Enzo and Perfect Cut.
I agree Enzo I'm digging the blonde hair side buzz. The blonde hair with the side buzz is becoming my new favorite look.
Perfect Cut I hope Peggy has this look for next season's Mad Men, it seems producers I guess because of her role kind of make her frumpy looking. In comparison to January Jones and the redheaded secretary who always looks 1960's glamourous. I hope
Peggy has the blonde hair for next season and we get to see how short the back is. Cant tell in this pic. Would love to see her have a blonde Mod pixie cut that was popular in the 60'sfor next season.