Sunday, August 19, 2012

Angled Bob Pics Aug 19th

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

While this site is dedicated to Pixie cuts,  I also promised from the very begining that
I would feature pictures of many different kinds of women's short hair styles. Ranging from Pixies, angled bobs, sidecuts, and buzzed side's cuts.
While I have featured Flashback post on my wife's angled bob that she had from Fall 2008 until Jan 2011 I had yet to feature any collection of pics of angled bob's and in my opinion one of the best features of the cut: The buzzed nape.
The angled bob hairstyle certainly wasnt my wife's introduction into the buzzed nape world, but it was one that I enjoyed very much.
There would be no sidebuzzed styles and undercut buzzed cuts with pixies in 2012 if there wasnt angled bobs with buzzed napes.
I still see angled bob's out and about, but unfortunatley with less frequency as I did several years ago.

I believe the bob haircut is a timeless one and if the angled bob cut which became massively popular in 2008 with Victoria Beckham's "pob" is on the wane in popularity it wont be very long before another version or incarnation of the bob is introduced into the world. I wasnt alive when bob's became popular in the 1960's with Vidal Sassoon, and the Mod look from the U.K. But I think it is safe to say the recent incarnation of the bob: The Angled Bob is probably the most successful of any bob incarnation. We bob's with buzzed napes lovers already knew how great the cut was. It wasnt until  The Angled Bob and or Pob became all the rage and women everywhere ran out and got one in 2008 and on period that it became the most popular cut of the latter part of the first decade of the 2000's.

We Angled bob lovers were like the loyal faithuful fans of an indie rock band and knew how good they were and then one day the band got big and went mainstream and we started looking around and going where the hell were all these people 3 years ago. Then after the frenzy of popularity waned we looked around again and saw how many people who werent there when the ride started arent there now either. There's going to be women and the men who love their angled bob's who will continue to march on wearing their angled cut proudly even after the bandwagon jumpers have long disappeared. For we were the one who loved the cut before women across the world saw Posh Spice with her Pob and thought that's a daring cut I've never seen before, I think i'll chop my hair off and get it.
This post today is for the angled bob lover everywhere.
Before there was The Pixie Revolution there was the Angled Bob Revolution.


Enzo and Anna said...

The angled bob has been my favorite for some time now. It's the female version of what the mullet was to men - business in the front, party in the back.
I'm glad you included photos of Jenny McCarthy. When she first opted to chop her long locks into an angled bob, I fell in love. I was fixated on her and had a collage of her photos as my computer's desktop wallpaper. At first, that didn't fare too well with Anna, but eventually, she came around and opted to get an angled bob herself. Now, 4 years later, Anna still has her angled bob, and Jenny grew her hair long again. Can you guess who's currently on my computer's desktop wallpaper?

wayner222 said...

I too am a huge angled bob fan. Ive been around long enough to watch the bobbed hair through many phases. It was very exciting during the period when all ladies, young and old were getting angled bobs with buzzed napes. My favourites are the shorter versions where you can see the backs of her ears and the back is buzzed very high and neatly outlined. Too bad its fading away, but every once in a while I spot one freshly clipped. For now Im really starting to get into the buzzed back pixies, especially since Mrs got hers cut. A long over due trim coming up next week, hope its a good one!

John Macguyver said...

Thanks for the comment Enzo.
I was just thinking the other day about Jenny McCarthy's angled bob.
I too showed my wife pics of her when Jenny first got it cut, and it was one of my wife's favorite's and she actually used it for reference. Something about Jenny's bob, where it was angled just right, not too high in back that appealed to Mrs Mac. The sad thing is, is not only did Jenny grow her hair out. but she is on the cover of Playboy Magazine's July/August 2012 issue. One can only imagine what it would have been like if she had posed for the magazine with the angled bob she had.

John Macguyver said...

Thanks for the comment Wayner.
I agree with you completely my favorite angled bobs were the ones that had a high archwith a sharp outline. The sharp outlines with the arch and shelf and buzzed hair below is a turn on to say the least. I'm still seeing angled bobs but not as often as I used to. We have a Target department store in our area that still seems to be a hotbed for angled bobs. It seems every time i go in there i still see on average 1-2 angled bobs per visit. Looking forward to hearing how your wife's next trim turns out.