Monday, August 20, 2012

Mrs Mac's Flashback Hair: Sept 09'

                                                              Mrs Mac's Flashback Hair : Sept 2009

Last time we left off I had shared with you pics of Mrs Mac's hair from July 2009, and
the angled bob she had that had a slight buzzed nape. Then in August of 09' Mrs Mac came home
with a steep angled bob with a high arch and high buzzed back.

Several weeks after the initial cut, we decided to take pics of her cut with 2 weeks growth.
We also both got a little imaginative and took some pics of her hair wetdown giving it a slicked down look. I tried to convince Mrs. Mac to wear her angled bob slicked down like that for a night out but she never wound up doing it. I thought it looked pretty cool actually. As you can see from the pictures, the sleek look looked really good, and when combed down and to the side it really showed off the contrast of the long hair and the shelf line and start of the buzzed nape.

Not only are the wet sleek angled bob look pics some of my favorites, but the ones we took dry with my wife wearing a blue shirt as you will see is probably one of my favorite sets of photo's.
I can honestly say enjoy these pics if you are an angled bob lover, because this is as steep of an angle you are going to see on Mrs Mac. She never went quite as angled again after this cut.

Next time I post a Hair Flashback I am going to go back to Fall 2008 and show you my wife's Elisha Cuthbert inspried pixie and the grow out into an angled bob, that included a very high buzzed nape on her pixie as we attempted to start the shape of the bob as the pixie grew out.

In the meantime enjoy the splendor of Mrs. Mac's steep angled bob pics..
As always a reminder photo stamp is Day/Month/Year.

       Wetted down look:


wayner222 said...
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wayner222 said...

Always one of my favorite styles!

Mr Perfect Cut said...


I agree and like the look of this angled bob and really think the "wet look" is pretty. We do it with Mrs Perfect-Cut every once-in-a-while - probably once with each major cut. Oftentimes it is for a special night out to dinner and a play/concert/party - something special for something special. Somehow a slicked-back do looks just right at such occasions.

But for those going-out special occasions we use a stiff but glossy hair gel. Looks great and is something VERY different to touch - her normal soft swingy hair feels like a molded plastic "wig helmet".

PLEASE try to get Mrs Mac to do it soon (all dressed up and made up and gelled up). Tell her her fans are asking/begging for it ;-)

One of your photos showed a "pet dislike" of mine - that is bobby pins ( or ALMOST ANY hair device or ornament). I can see why Mrs Mac used it here but for me it seems to ruin and realllly distract from great cut. On "wet look nite out" we use the shiny stiff gel for that very reason - to get that look with every hair in place WITHOUT resorting to bobby pins or clips.

Keep up the good work as you are bring up great topics and provide a venue for discussion and venting.


Enzo and Anna said...

I concur with Wayner that this is one of my favorite styles. The Angle is just right and the back is buzzed pretty high, which is OK in my book.
However I disagree with my buddy PC, regarding hair devices/ornament. For a span, my wife Anna was using all sorts of things in her hair, such as barrettes, headbands and hairpins. If done right, it can really accentuate a great cut. I'm not really one for the wet look. That look was big in the 80's and should staty there along with the big teased hair.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried not being fat and gross looking?