Friday, August 31, 2012

Wish They'd Cut It Short 2


                                     Hey I just wanted a trim and this is crazy...

                                      But here's some clippers.. buzz me baby


Welcome Back to The Pixie Revolution,

It's been a while since we last had the feature "Wish They'd Cut It Short"

In our very first edition we featured actress Kaley Cuoco of the tv show Big Bang Theory.

This edition I plan on spicing things up a bit by not only featuring one candidate for Wish They'd Cut It Short but three.
All three canidates all have very long brunette hair. And I can honestly say I dont think
I've seen any of them with short hair.
So let's get right to it...

Canidate #1: Carly Rae Jepsen

You might know Carly for her smash hit song of the summer "Call Me Maybe"
I've probably have heard the song 5 times a day since June. Not to mention seeing the video
countless times.
Carly Rae is not an overnight sensation, at 26 years old Carly has appeared on Canadian Idol and other contest shows.
After watching the video and the pure cheesiness of it a dozen times, the first thing I  noticed about Carly is her beautiful eyes. Carly is definetly a looker. She has a very pretty face and striking blue eyes.
Here's the problem, her smokin facial features and striking blue eyes are covered behind sheep dog bangs
and long wavy hair surrounding her face.
She does have nice hair, but I cant help but wonder what she would look like with a shorter cut.
Especially anything that shows her eyes off more.

I found one pic on the internet that in particular reminded me of Carly.
While it's only a side cut and maintains most of the length I think she would look awesome with it.
Here's some pics for comparison:

Below Carly:

Below: Side Buzz I could see Carly with.

To go shorter and loose most of the length I could see Carly with a short brunette pixie
                                                            Below: Carly currently:

                                                  Below: Short cuts I could see Carly with:

Canidate #2: Danica McKellar

You might know Danica McKeller as Winne Cooper from the 1980's tv show The Wonder Years

If you grew up in the 80's and remember The Wonder Years you will remember Danica grew before our eyes and also you'll remember she was the long haired crush of Fred Savage's character.
Danica has gone on to posing in some prerry perrocative shots for the likes of Maxim an other magazines, but even more interesting Danica has written several math help books for kids.

Danica through out her career has never had short hair. She seems like a long haired lifer.
Which is fine. She has very nice long hair. Doesnt stop me from thinking though what she would look like with short hair though.
What inspired me to feature her though in Wish They'd Cut It Short is a picture I stumbled upon that made me do a double take. At first I actually thought it was Danica with a short blonde pixie.
I even had to do a google search for Danica with short hair, which came up blank. Which means either the pic I found is a photoshop of her face on someone with a blonde pixie or there's a woman out there who is a dead ringer for Danica but instead of very long brunette hair has a short blonde pixie.
Either way, this cut is great looking. We'll probably never see Danica with short hair, but this is just as good.
Here's some pics for comparison

 Below: Danica McKellar
Below: Danica McKellar's blonde pixie twin?

Canidate #3: Kourtney Kardashian

Love them or hate them there is no denying The Kardashian's are everywhere.
From their reality tv show, Reality show spin offs and appearing everywhere a TMZ camera seems to be.
All the Kardashian sisters are known for their very long dark hair. What many people forget though is their mom has short hair.
Here's hoping one day one of the Kardashian sister's decides to follow in their mom's footsteps and go for a short crop.
Out of all the sisters for some reason I think Kourtney would look best with short hair. She has the dark hair too pull off a great pixie. In my opinion she is the prettiest of the Kardashian sisters, but again that is just my opinion. She also has enough of an exotic look to pull off some very daring short cuts probably.
I'm not really a fan of an all over buzzcut. Just side buzzed and back/nape buzz thank you, but Kourtney could seriously pull off an Amber Rose and look stunning with an all over buzz cut.
She has the skin tone and exotic look to actually look incredible with a buzzcut.
Here's some pics for comparison:

 Below: Kourtney Kardashian:

 Below: Kourtney with a buzzcut?

More styles I could see Kourtney with:


I could see Kourtney with Ginnifer Goodwin's cut:


Well What do you all think? Do you think one canidate deserves the Wish They'd Cut It Short
More then the others?
Which cuts do you think Carly, Danica and Kourtney would look best with?


Enzo and Anna said...

I can vision Carly Rae Jepson with a bob. She has that girl next door with a bob look.
The photo of Danica McKellar's blonde pixie twin is spot on. Looks great.
Regarding the Kardashians, I'm not sure about Kourtney, but Kim always plays with short hair wigs and looks great.

wayner222 said...

I think Carly would look best in the first short cut pic, add the pointy hairline from the last one.
As for Danica, the short blonde pixie looks great, bit shorter perhaps.
Kourtney would look best in the bob, not a fan of the all over buzz look.

wayner222 said...

Like your rendition of Carly's song too!

Perfect-Cut said...


Take a look at these videos on Harriett's site. It is a great example of an ordinary looking long haired girl cutting it short and shorter over five videos spanning over a year. Ending with a stylish new generation pixie with a side shave.

As someone before me said "Go Short".


Perfect-Cut said...

Here's the link

John Macguyver said...

Thanks Enzo
I agree Carly Rae would look good with a angled bob.
Also a not too short pixie.
I had seen heard a while ago that Kim Kardashian was wearing a short wig.
I think at the time when i saw it I wasnt too impressed only because i see long haired women wearing a short haired wig as a hair tease lol.
I remember Katie Holmes did the bob wig thing many years ago on Letterman or some talk show and thought she looked incredible with it, and wound up still waiting another 8 years before she actually took the plunge for real.

John Macguyver said...

Thanks Wayner.
I think Kourtney would look good with either an angled bob like what i pictured or a very long sweeping bang pixie.
I agree about Carly Rae the first pic added with the pointed hairline nape one would look awesome on her.

John Macguyver said...

Perfect Cut,
I checked out your link.
Thank you.
Love her haircut. Especially the very last one with the buzzed side.
thanks again for sharing!