Friday, August 10, 2012

Flashback Hair July 2009


In our last Flashback Hair post, I featured pics of my wife's hair from August 2009.
In that set I also showed a picture of what her hair looked like before that August cut that brought a significant change to Mrs Mac when she went from having a few inches of buzzed nape to a dramatic angled bob that arched up alot higher and took the shelf line up by about 3 inches.

So here we were in early summer of 2009. Around this time my wife still wasnt keen on the aspect of an angled bob. She had starting growing her hair out from a pixie in Sept 08'. In those months it grew out pretty quick and rather nicely. In October 08' After 2 months of a pixie growing out I convinced my wife to go for a trim but not have anything cut but her back, When she came home (wearing a hoodie nonetheless and pulled it down) her growing pixie was untouched but her back from the ear lobes down was buzzed to #2. This cut set the stage for her grow out.
So here we were in July 2009 now, she had a nice conservative bob. Not too angled. It was an ok amount for me, but of course I wished for her to get it buzzed higher in the back.
At this point though, this was the best angled bob she had gotten. The layers of the pixie had all but grown out and she agreed for this cut to get the little v shape. Like  I said it might have not been buzzed and arched as high as I would had liked but I was content that we finally were at an angled bob with a buzzed nape.

What I particularly like about this angled bob, was the buzzed nape's length. What I've noticed recently after going back through the years of pics is how the back and nape is buzzed with a #2 in comparison to my wife's pixies where I've noticed the stylist hasnt buzzed it as short. It's been buzzed with a #3 and even #4 with her pixies.
My wife got her hair cut July 5th 2012 and got the back buzzed a #3 might have been a short #3, didnt see if the clippers length setting was pulled up or not. But after a month Mrs. Mac's back is already grown in and doesnt have that freshly buzzed feel to it.
I miss the #2 buzzings because the feel lasted longer. Perhaps this is something Mrs Mac and me can talk about before her next cut in September.

Anyway here is the July 2009 set of pics. It's not a large set. Following this which you all know, was my wife's August 2009  steep angled bob high arch cut. About  2 weeks after we took the August 09' pics I took a set of photo's of my wife with 2 weeks growth. Her nape grew in rather noticebly in the pics. We also did for the first time and actually only time, a slicked down angled bob photo shoot, which in my opinion was one of my favorites photo shoots that we have ever done.
That is for next time.
Next Flashback post I will feature the Sept 09' steep angled bob 2 weeks growth pics and the slicked down angled bob pics.

**Please Note Pics are time stamped  Day/Month/Year. It was just how weird our old camera was**


Enzo and Anna said...

Hey Mac,

By nature, I'm a bob lover, and thesee photos prove how awsome a bob can look at any length. I love how just a little bit of her buzzed nape peeks out from under her hairline. There's a certain sexiness that coms from a seeminly conservative bob that has a litle surprise in the back.
Thanks for sharing these photos. You just made my day


wayner222 said...

The little peek a boo nape buzz looks nice, like
the small v also, but like yourself I prefer to see
it buzzed higher and oulined. I also prefer the look
and feel of the #2. Mrs 222 had a # 3 last time
and it grows out way too fast. Thanks for the pics.

Perfect-Cut said...


What jumps out at me in your July '09 cut photos is the great color Mrs Mac's hair has. Right now me and the Mrs are on a uniformly bright blonde kick. But when it is it's rich brown base with blonde streaks and highlights, that is the kind of "look" I like. Nicely blended of various colors - what I have call "varigated". We have in the past worked hard to achieve that kind of look with varied success.

I was just at the DMV and sat behind a lady that had the same kind of coloring and it made the several hours I spent there much more enjoyable.


John Macguyver said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.
Perfect Cut: as far as the color, we have Mrs. Mac's stylist to thank for her great color. The color from these pics were done by Mrs Mac stylist who does both the cuts and colors and did the color for her July coloring as well. Our stylist is a keeper.