Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Side Cut: Hot or Not?

                                         The Side Cut: Hot or Not?

Back in 2008 when it came to short hair, my whole world centered around the angled bob.
Especially angled bobs with buzzed napes. Of course after 4 fun filled years and constant debates with my wife on her having an angled bob, we came to a happy medium that is the pixie. The funny thing is after reading alot of other people's blogs about their wives hair and the angled bob, I realized I was in the opposite predictament. My wife loved having short hair; short shaggy styles and long pixies, it was me who convinced her to grow it into a bob and buzz the back.
In many cases it is the opposite where the hair enthusiast wants his long haired wife to cut her hair into an angled bob. I had the same problem as all of you just from the other end of the spectrum.

It seems like eon's ago that the only short hair style I liked on women were angled bob's with buzzed napes.
The new generation pixies were just in their infancy. Sure you had celeb's like Elisha Cuthbert, Pink and Rihanna going with the longish pixies, but it was few and far in between back in 2008. Those were the days were Victoria Beckham's Pob ruled the world.

As short haired enthusiast, I think we've come a long way in our options on short hair styles for women. Besides the angled bob, there is of course the new generation pixies, which can feature buzzed sides, or one buzzed side alone.
Then there is another anonamly in this short haired world. The Side Cut.
Where does this style fall into. Does it fall into the short haired realm or the long haired realm?
One side of the head is buzzed, but the majority of the rest of the hair is long.
There are variations of course where a side buzz is being incorporated into bob's and into pixies.
So the side cut had pretty much become a style unto it's own which can be applied to long hair, pixies, and angled bobs even.

At first I was on the fence on this look.
As much as I like buzzed backs and napes, I didnt at first find anything appealing about seeing a women's hairstyle that has the side buzzed. Then after seeing more and more popping up everywhere it grew on me ( no pun intended)
Specifically the side buzz look on a pixie being my favorite.
Before long I was starting to appreciate all kinds of side cuts. Even ones that had the audacity to ruin a perfect bob by buzzing off one side of it.
At first a cut like that would be blahsamy to an angled bob hair lover such as myself.
But now after about a year of seeing them I have grown to like them.
I think any buzzed real estate that is in direct contrast to long hair is in the same appeal as a buzzed nape with long hair above it or infront.  It's just in a different presentation.
Now I'll admit I didnt always think this way.
It took some time for me to come around on all this side buzzed talk.
I have to say the side buzz with a longish sweeping bang pixie is my favorite now,
But that being said, seeing women who would had never had any part of the hair buzzed now walking around with side buzzed hair is a definte win in the short haired lovers department.

I think the side buzz works best with a pixie, but that is just my opinion. I think it looks completely normal to have a side buzz when the rest of your hair is already a pixie. Someone like Pink wears the side buzz perfectly. She even at times has both sides buzzed and the back undercut buzzed, which creates many options with a pixie cut. She has gelled/sprayed it up, exposing the buzzed sides, but can wear it down to make it look like a traditional side swept pixie.

See Below:

Your seeing side cuts popping up everywhere. From music artist, to actresses to the pages of tattoo magazines.
Whether or not this is just a fad or the start of a long lasting trend, one thing is for sure it wasnt created in the past year.
For every pop star like Rihanna, Ke$ha, and Ellie Goulding that think they are innovaters by buzzing one side of their head. Everyone must all remember the 1980's and in my opinion the godmother of sidecuts.
Cyndi Lauper.
See Below:

Either Cyndi Lauper was ahead of her time, or all these pop stars who are buzzing one side in a rebellious statement are behind with the times.
Either way this new popularity of the side cut/ buzz seems just as polarizing in it's opinion of whether or not it's hot or ugly, as it is polarizing with one side neatly shorn with clippers and the rest of the hair long and cascading.

What's your opinion of the side cut?
Hot or Not?
Do you think it is a passing fad?

Below enjoy the gallery of side cut pics.
Some are long , some are pixies and some are sidecut bobs.

**  Blog Note**
A MRS MAC  Hair Update will be posted later this week with an announcement on her next scheduled appointment. Also look for another MRS MAC Hair Flashback Post later this week

 Below: Kesha Before she had side buzz

Below: Kesha after getting sidebuzz


wayner222 said...

At this point Im thinking mostly not on the side cut.
As a short hair enthusiast you would think any sort
of buzz cut would do it, but no. Occasionaly I see one that I like but I think it mostly depends on the looks of the woman wearing it and the severity of the buzz. Some can pull it off but mostly not for me.
Some even look like the stylist just slipped up with the clipper and tried to hide it with some long hair over. I do think it works best with a shorter cut, like a pixie though. Just my opinion though, maybe I'll come around if it lasts long enough.

Perfect-Cut said...


Unlike Wayner above, I thinking mostly "like" on the side cut. It is in the hopper as a variation of the Robyn cut with Mrs Perfect-Cut and I'm working on her by showing her photos of really flattering ones. So far she hasn't said no but she really doesn't focus on these things UNTIL she is in the chair and Bonnie and I are discussing what to do.

Our "hair honeys" that are in the corporate/business world (as it appears that Mrs CoolBobs is) might feel constrained in trying hair styles/fads that are seen as out of the norm and may invite unwanted/undesirable attention in this tough economic climate. Mrs Perfect-Cut is a Realtor and therefore is an independent contractor BUT she is still in the Customer Service business so she always considers what the little old lady client might think.

Side cuts come in all shape and sizes (as shown above in your photos) and if you consider that you can do some dramatic side cuts that are really undercuts - it expands to even more situations and ladies. Given Mrs PC's customer service role, I'm scheming to push for a limited side cut UNDER the long side of this Robyn cut. To most it will just be a Robyn cut - which already gets lots of attention and comment - but she can show me and others the "secret" that it contains anytime she/I want and I can reach up under the "hairfall" and feel the "velvet" of her side cut.



Enzo and Anna said...

Back in the day, I used to work with a Puerto Rican girl that had a sweet chin length bob. Blunt cut with bangs, it was perfect. Then suddenly one day, she came to work with a side cut. It looked like someone ruined a perfectly good bob. At the time, I didn't have an apprication for the side cut. Now, They are once again gaining poplularity, but it will be a cold day in hell before I see Anna get a side cut. Like Perfect Cut said, women like Anna in the corporate/business world feel constrained in trying hair styles/fads that are seen as out of the norm. I'm lucky to get Anna to buzz her nape the way she does.

John Macguyver said...

Thanks to all that commented.

Based on your comments it seems the Sidecut is just as polarizing on this blog as it for the rest of the hair world.
I specifically omitted all but one pic of a pixie featuring a sidecut.
It seems the long hair with a side buzz is in a catagory all unto itself.

My wife works in the business world and with clients all the time and had a side buzz. But it was buzzed on both sides, not drastic., buzzed to a short #3 and she could comb it to either side. And could style the longer hair from the top of her head draping over the buzzed part to make it more subtle. ( much like Pink's both side buzzed pixie) Many of these side cuts only allow the wearer to have one side buzzed. If you buzz both sides with long hair it basically is getting into the mohawk realm. So I think it only works best with a pixie when you buzz both sides. I also dont prefer the buzzed sides and long back. I think if you buzz both sides it just makes sense to buzz the back somewhat and undercut it.

Perfect-Cut said...


Take a look at Wombat's site (http://www.passioncarre.net/2012/08/sidecut-sur-facebook.html) for what I think is a beautiful stylish short cut that looks VERY professional ----- and then you see the right side and a delightful, radical, "I'm an Independent and Stylish Woman" side-cut. NICE.


Anonymous said...

I love side cuts. Love the contrast.

John Macguyver said...

I took a look at the pics of the sidecut on passioncarre's site and actually saw this pic somewhere on the net this week on tumblr and saved the pic. I loved it. I was actually going to put it up as a part of the sidecut pic collection on here. Beautiful blonde angled bob on one side and side cut on the other. I dont see what the big deal is on the sidecut looking unprofessional. I agree with you, this link of this very sidecut looks very classy. My wife has had a sidecut with her pixie and hasnt had any problem in the workplace. This cut on passioncarre is more dramatic seeing it's a bob with a sidecut but stunning nonetheless and I dont see why a women couldnt wear it to the workplace. Those pics I could easily see the women beign dressed up in an office, wearing her hair like that. I think if this trend continues and people see it more, it will be just like seeing a buzzed nape in the work place.

John Macguyver said...

That's what hooked me in too White-sound.
At first i thought it was different looking and i wasnt sure i liked a sidebuzz as much as the nape being buzzed. But it quickly grew on me.
The contrast is as stunning as the nape being buzzed with a bob. I especially love when it is sideparted and the side is buzzed and then there is long sleek hair going thre other direction.

Anonymous said...

After years of following punk and goth culture and procrastination I have finally taken the plunge. I have an angled bob with a hidden grade one cut, similar amount shaved to Ellie Goulding. I absolutely adore it and hide it for work - as a physician and family occasions. It has got me so many fans- lots of guys keep coming and talking to me and asking me out. I'm happy to send In pics :)

Anonymous said...

I have had short hair since the 6th grade. Least year after a very unfortunate haircut i had decided to let my hair grow out for the first time in 6 years. After 4 months i started gettin bord, and just like that i ended up at a salon asking for a side cut. At first i had some buyers remorse to say the least. That being said i love it now. I have to get regular cuts, so i dont get bord, and if i want to cover it up for a more classy look i can flip my hair to the other side. Its great! But if your looking to get this cut, just rember. There are good side cuts, and BAD side cuts. Not much inbetween. And, there are many variations of this cut. So know what you want and how you want it.

Janelle Deckard said...
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Janelle Deckard said...

I love it I want one myself just don't know which side I like better

Red hairstyles trend 2015 said...


Anonymous said...

I personally love sidecuts, especially when they are taken down to a zero or shaved completely smooth. if I was a woman, I would get one, but god knows I would shave my entire head smooth first.