Sunday, August 26, 2012

Short Haired Babe Of The Week Aug 27th

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                                    So what kind of clue is this for who is Short Haired Babe Of The Week?
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Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

The past few weeks in the hair enthusaist world has been a wild one to say the least.
Two weeks ago as I was preparing to make Jenna Elfman SHBOW. I had to change everything at the last minute when I saw Miley Cyrus has gotten her hair cut into a bleached blonde pixie.
Last week we finally featured Jenna Elfman.
It seemed things were calming down a bit.  Around last monday I started thinking who I would feature this coming week. I had so many still that I want to feature. Would it be Pink? Ginnifer Goodwin?

A few weeks ago right after Miley Cyrus cut her hair, I was on a pixie high. I showed Mrs Mac Miley's pics, which she loved, but then I started doing what I do too many times, start bomarding Mrs Mac with not only Miley pics and then tons of pics of pixies with buzzed sides.
As you know aabout 2 weeks ago I posted Mrs Mac's Appointment date, Mrs Mac was open to the idea of an undercut or buzzed side, but didnt want to jeapordize the Pink cut she got on July 5th.
She was worried about the nike swoosh and shelf line she had on the sides in March.

So Miley mania week actually hurt my chances of seeing Mrs Mac with a buzzed side or undercut by me showing her too many pics and harping on and asking if she was going to get it sidebuzzed.

So I backed off and gave her her hair space.
And something funny happened.
About a week after that, late into last weekend Mrs Mac started looking up pics herself of sidebuzzed pixies. Mrs Mac also added a few facebook pages on pixie cuts and side buzz cuts, made a few hair enthusaist friends.  Wound up having a women on her friends list who had a sidebuzz and has inspired Mrs Mac.
So all seemed to be coming together for the possiblity of  Mrs Mac trying a sidebuzz and or undercut.

I figured I'll just let her do her thing, find pics on her own. I wont push the issue and hopefully Sept 6th when Mrs Mac was to go for her appointment I'd be pleasantly surprised.

 I had known for a while that Mrs Mac had made and appointment for our kids for back to school trims with Mrs Mac's stylist on Thursday.
Around last Wed. Mrs Mac started telling me she didnt want to wait till Sept 6th to get her haircut. She thought it was getting shaggy and getting too long on the sides. She still thought the top and the front bangs looked awesome which we both agreed. But she wanted the back rebuzzed as it had grown in pretty quick and was last buzzed July 5th.
So I told her it was up to her. I didnt feel she needed a trim just yet and could wait till 2 more weeks to Sept 6th
She was on the fence. Thursday came and Mrs Mac decided to call her stylist around lunchtime to see if she could be fit in after the kids haircuts.

The appointment wasnt till 8pm which is late.  The stylist told Mrs Mac that she had been in the salon since 8am, and didnt know how tired she'd be to fit her in that night and that she'd see how she was holding up by the time Mrs Mac got there with the kids at 8pm.
She also said that as long as it was a trim and not something intricate or that required alot of skill she thought she'd be up for it.

I talked to Mrs Mac while she was working that afternoon and Mrs Mac told me all this. The first thing I told her was maybe she should wait for 2 more weeks if our stylist is tired. I didnt want her hair to get messed up. Mrs Mac them informed me that she printed out pics to bring in case her stylist could fit her in. I then asked why would she need to print out pics in work to bring if she already had the Pink pics we used last time plus she planned on bringing the actual pics of her hair that we took ( featured here July cut)
Mrs Mac replied
"You'll see".
That's when I knew she was up to something.
8:30 rolled around and I had just gotten done work. Called Mrs Mac who informed me the kids were almost finished and that Her stylist was feeling pretty good and got a second wind and was up to cut Mrs Mac's hair.

I drove over to the salon like a bat out of hell. Which is about a 10 minute drive from where we live.

When I got there Mrs Mac was still sitting in the waiting area and the kids were just getting finished. Mrs Mac went over to the counter and pulled out papers of photos' she had printed out and asked me to look at them and see what I thought. Most of them were of her July Cut pics, then  2 pages in I start to see sidebuzzed pixies.
I began to get excited and asked if she was going for it, and she said yes.
Flash forward  a couple of minutes later and Mrs Mac was in the chair and showing her stylist, the pics and telling her exactly how she wanted it. No shelf line of swoosh, just undercut buzzed, then cut the same as her last cut on top and the crown.
The Stylist studied the pics for about 30 seconds went over it again with Mrs Mac and we were off.
No one else was in the salon other then our family. So I planted a seat in the chair one over from Mrs Mac. The kids were kept busy in the lobby playing.

Mrs Mac's stylist didnt wash her hair yet. Just wet it down a little, Then proceeded to lift up and pin all of Mrs Mac's hair on top. She then asked me to come over and inspect to see if I thought it was pinned up high enough on the sides and if it went around perfectly. It then dawned on me that Mrs Mac had instructed her to buzzed off both sides.
My heart began to race. I sat back down and watched.
First thing the stylist did was attach a number #4 and asked Mrs Mac if she remembered what they use last time. I knew it was a #3 and a #2 at the bottom of the nape as a taper.. I played aloof and didnt answer. The stylist said they'd try a #4 first. With that she turned the clippers on and ran it up the middle of Mrs Mac's nape. She looked and showed Mrs Mac with a mirror and they both agreed a #3 would be better. The Stylist changed the attachment and put on the blue 3# and then started buzzing. This time as she put them on Mrs Mac nape and pushed up, almost 2 inches maybe an inch and a half of grown out light brown hair begain to hit the floor.

Mrs Mac's hair was pinned up to almost her crown and with that her stylist buzzed all the way up.
She then went to the far left side which i couldnt see and buzzed off the sides. I wanted to get up so bad to see it but just decided to play it cool. The stylist came around and almost as knowing I'm into it, moved just enough in front of me so I could see her buzz the right side of Mrs. Mac's head.
Mrs Mac had the sidebuzz in March, but this time for some reason thought it was ticklish when the clipper went up and around her ears. and actually laughed.
Which made me laugh.

Within a few minutes the most dramatic part of the cut was over. The stylist unpinned Mrs Mac's hair, and combed it to take a look at it, and I then saw the pure aweseomness of her all around undercut.
Next thing was the stylist then ushered over Mrs Mac to get it washed before the cut.

During that time I tried to snag Mrs Mac's phone so i could take a pic of all the hair that was buzzed from the back and side's of Mrs Mac's hair that was now laying on the salon floor.
My daughter actually tried to help me figure out how the camera on the phone worked. but by the time we were fumbling with it, Mrs Mac and the stylist were back and we raced to get the phone back on the counter under the mirror.
It was a pretty comical moment actually.
I know Mrs Mac would had been more then cool with me taking pics, but I didnt want the stylist to know of my hair interest or that i'm crazy enough to want to take pics.

The sylist then used a razor for some reason and razor cut Mrs Mac's hair.
She told the stylist she didnt want the bangs much shorter, just trimmed and sideswept.
She also for some reason though razor cut the top and texturized it. Later Mrs Mac and me agreed she should had told her not to touch the top, as it is a little too short on top and Mrs Mac wants it to be more long on top and sweeping and not as piecey razor cut as it turned out.
Once the stylist was done razor cutting she took out the clippers one more time and then put a #2 attachment on and buzzed the lowest part of the nape to give it a taper from the #3 up higher and on the sides.

The good thing is it will grow on top.
The bad new as the top grows to how we both want it in a month, the buzzed sides and back will also have grown.

Mrs Mac now has an early October trim set.
One of 2 things will happen.
Mrs Mac will go back for the Oct trim and ask for the top and bangs to not be touched at all and only go in for the undercut sides and back to be rebuzzed. Which will be awesome. The top length will have grown and getting it rebuzzed to a #3 with longer strands on top is going to look incredible
This cut is now by far my favorite.
The other option is and I put it on the table, is I could in early Oct pin her hair up and use our home Wahl clippers and buzz it to a #3 on the sides and back.
I have never gotten to do this ever!
Not even the buzzed nape.
I'm pretty confident I can do it and not mess it up because I would just be following to where the long hair starts and the buzz part ends. As long as we didnt wait to long and it became hard for me to see the buzzed hair from the long hair i am confident on my ability to do it.

We'll see and I guess that's what we look forward to in our next hair adventure.

So your all probably thinking. You clicked on this post to see who is Short Haired Babe Of The Week.
Well here she is.
This weeks' Short Haired Babe Of The Week is none other then Mrs Mac herself.

Take that Miley Cyrus!

Below: We took these pics earlier tonight. Sorry there arent alot of pics or as much as last time. We are both tired. Back to School for the kids tommorow and a long weekend.  I asked Mrs Mac to lift her hair up so you can all see the undercut and how incredible it looks! She also had just gotten a shower so the front and back crown area is still a little wet. So it looks darker. When it is dry it looks more blonde and you cant see the undercut on the crown when it's dry.

Mrs Mac went above and beyond any of my wildest dreams on this cut.
Not only is the cut incredible looking, but I cant stop touching it. Both sides buzzed to a back buzz that goes to the crown and feels like felt soft velvet to my fingers.
The pictures really do Mrs Mac no justice. It looks even better in person , not to mention up close and in person the buzzed parts actually are shorter then they look in the pics.  I love how short the buzzed sides and buzzed nape/ crown is! I really hope she keeps it this way for a while.

I am one lucky dude!

Below: Here is one of the reference pics Mrs Mac used for the cut.




Enzo and Anna said...

Great choice for SHBOW! I'm glad to see you so happy with the cut. Is Mrs Mac loving it too? Surprise haircuts are always great. Kudos to the ladies that embelish our needs. If I were you, I'd wait until October and have Mrs Mac go back to the salon, rather than do it myself. Be thankful she got a great cut and don't push your luck.

wayner222 said...

Awesome haircut. Its great that Mrs Mac went ahead with it without any pushing. I only wish Mrs 222 would be so enthusiastic. I love it when the stylist asks our opinion on how high, how short etc. I think she knows about your hair interests. Our stylist gets it completely. Mrs 222 will just say sure, whatever, and she looks at me for input. Cut and color set for Tues. Hope it turns out as well as Mrs Mac's did.

John Macguyver said...

Thanks Enzo and Wayner.
Enzo. Yes Mrs Mac loves it.She is already talking about her early Oct appointment and how she is going to get it rebuzzed and leave the top alone and how she wants the top longer so she can sweep it over to one side more and expose a buzzed side depending on which side it is parted on.Buzzing it on both sides def gave the style more options.
I've noticed lately, that not only Mrs Mac wil flat out ask me while we are in the salon, but that the stylist too ask me on how it looks etc. I just try to be subtle and not too over exhuberant, lol. Best of luck on Mrs 222's cut tuesday. Let me know how it turns out.

wayner222 said...

Another awesome cut with great bright blonde highlites! This girl really knows how to cut hair! A little disapointing though. The last few cuts have been amazing, this time Mrs. gets in the chair and says not so short at the back. While Mrs. was waiting on color the stylist apologizes to me for not cutting it short enough! Still short and extremely well done, but less than amazing.

Mr Perfect Cut said...


I agree, you are a lucky man. The cut looks great. If you hadn't mentioned it I would not have noticed the razor cut of the crown hair. From my (and Mrs PC's) experience razor cuts on fine hair can be disappointing. I'm looking forward to see the crown hair longer - it will make a nice contrast to the buzzed nape. Mrs Mac's forward styling is HOT. After you get a shape you guys like consider making the long crown hair more blonde so that you have a color (as well as length) contrast. Ouuuuuuuuu. Niceeeeeee.


John Macguyver said...

Wayner. Sounds like a great cut that mrs222 got. I think with any cut and our wives sometimes some cuts are going to be better then others. It's the roll of the dice.
The great thing about hair is it grows, so if it's cut in a way we dont like it will grow out and in cases where it's not cut short enough, there is always the next cut, with even more to be cut off then.

John Macguyver said...

Perfect Cut. I couldnt agree with you more on your thoughts on what Mrs Mac should do next.
We are on the same exact page.
Excellent advice.
Mrs Mac is going to grow the top and front bangs longer as well as the crown area.But keep the number #3 buzzed undercut sides and back. She's also talked about adding more matching blonde to the top to cover up the darker blonde grown out hair.

She just stated yesterday she loves how the undercut feels in back and has used a mirror and looked at the pictures we took and loves how she can also side sweep the back longer hair too. Wish i could take some more pics of how she styled the crown and undercut the other day. Just combed it in a sweeping motion so the longer crown hair goes to the right in a slant. We have alot going on right now in our home and with family/back to school birthdays, etc, or I would press for more pic taking.