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Short Haired Babe Of The Week Aug 20th

                                Short Haired Babe Of The Week Aug 20th : Jenna Elfman

Welcome Back,
Last week at this time I was preparing to post Short Haired Babe Of The Week featuring Jenna Elfman
I had found all the pictures I have saved on my computer of Jenna Elfman and was looking for a few
more of her earlier years, when the entertainment and hair world were shocked that Miley Cyrus cut her hair into a pixie.
I did feel bad pushing Jenna Elfman out of the spot for last week to only replace her with a first time
short haired girl, but the fact Miley had just cut her hair on the very day made it all the more important for me to share it with you all as soon as possible.
On to this week's Short Haired Babe Of The Week.
Jenna Elfman is no stranger to short hairstyles.
She is by far been a short haired woman off and on for the past 15 years, and in my opinion has given us some really cool short hair styles for women. All being timely and trendy in every short hair incarnation that she's had.

Jenna burst onto the scene in 1997 in the surprise hit Dharma And Greg which became wildly popular. I discovered the show the same year and instantly developed a crush on Jenna.
Like Jennifer Aniston's hair on Friends, Jenna's hair on Dharma and Greg created many copycat cuts during the late 90's when  short hair on women was having a resurgance of sorts. With the likes of Drew Barrymore, Kristen Dunst, and Jenna Elfman, the short, razor cut look had become a popular look in the late 90's.  It seemed each season of Dharma and Greg, Jenna had a different short hairstyle.
From a short flip, to a wavy short cut, to a sleek ear length bob. Jenna certainly did not dissappoint.

Besides her tv show Dharma and Greg, Jenna Elfman went on to star in several movies over the years, such as ED TV, The Looney Toons movie, and reappeared in recent years in a new sitcom  titled Accidently On Purpose playing a pregnant mom to be. Unfortunately her new show was short lived. On the show however Jenna sported a wavy angled bob.

Last year in the early summer of 2011 while doing press and interviews for the movie Friends With Benefits Jenna surprised everyone by showing off her new cut. A  pixie cut with long sweeping bangs, and an undercut. Jenna was complimented in almost every interview she gave from the likes of George Lopez to Craig Furgerson. Not only are there alot of interviews out on youtube with her short hair, in most interviews she goes into detail on why she cut her hair short, and how the stylist did it.

Here is a few links to video's of Jenna Elfman doing interviews last summer with her pixie cut:

Jenna Elfman On Lopez Tonight

Jenna's cut last summer, also inspired Mrs. Mac to get her hair cut like Jenna's last September.
With this style my wife got more compliments then ive ever seen with any other haircut she's had.

I'd like to say I could tell you all Jenna still has this amazing haircut, but sadly from what I've seen on her facebook page and instagram photo links she is on the grow, most likely due to the fact she had been making cameo's on several cable tv shows, such as Damages, and I'm sure producers are probably telling her to use extensions,  perhaps she grew it a little so they could add longer hair to her existing hair. In 2005 Jenna actually had grown her hair very long. As much as I prefer short hair, I have to say she looked great with long hair as well

Whether Jenna is on the grow again or not, she greatly deserves Short Haired Babe Of The Week, for not only introducing us to a bedhead sweeping bang pixie last year , but for the past 15 years and her contribution to women's short hairstyles throughout the years.

And if any of you can get your hands on the last season of Dharma and Greg which was in 2001, in it she had a short ear length bob which had a buzzed back. Not many people remember this. I taped an episode or two from that season on VHS many years ago, and sadly cant find the tape.
It is a sight to behold to say the least.
All I could find is these two screen cap from the final season deeper into the season when the buzzed nape had grown out some. And if you watched the show you will remember Greg's mom had a pretty nice bobbed cut too:

Enjoy the vast photo collection of Jenna Elfman over the years...

Below: A current pic of Jenna Elfman's hair July 12'

Below: Jenna Elfman's hairstyles over the years:


Enzo and Anna said...

No offence to Jenna, but she needed to be booted so the news of Miley Cirus could be broadcast here first.
Now that Jenna is getting her tribute, I think you've done a great job showcasing her various short styles. I was never a big fan of Dharma and Greg, but it certainly seems like I missed out on something big. She's a real girl next door cutie.

wayner222 said...

Jenna definitely is a sweetheart. Love it when a lady cuts her hair, grows out and cuts it again. I really liked that last one. Didnt care that much for Dharma & Greg but rarely missed it just to see Jenna's hair.

John Macguyver said...

Thanks for the comments Enzo and Wayner.
Truth be known I didnt watch Dharma and Greg all the time either. I would only watch it to check Jenna out and it seemed every time I did she had a different short style.
The final season though was the best, and I wound up watching as many episodes I could to get a glimpse of the ear length bob she had.

Mr Perfect Cut said...

I did watch "Dharma and Greg" for the same reason that I watch some current-day so-so shows - that is see cute girls with cute short haircuts. I tune in ( in reality set one of the three dual tuner TiVos) to the opening episodes of a lot of reality shows like America's Next Top Model, The Bachelor, Project Runway, etc just to see if any contestant has cute short hair. I often stop watching as soon as the last short haired girl is eliminated.

Another Jenna contemporary with often-times short cuts was Tea Leoni.

Mac is right to establish and recognize Jenna as a SHBOTW that has consistently and beautifully rocked stylish short hair instead of being a OCW (One Cut Wonder).


Mr Perfect Cut said...

SHBOTW is officially and correctly pronounced "she-bot-wa" ;-)


John Macguyver said...

Thanks for the comment Perfect Cut.
LOL She-bot-wa is an awesome shortened term for Short Haired Babe Of The Week.
I will give you full credit of course for coming up with such a great name.

Tea Leoni!
Another absolute cutie who's had short hair.
From Jurassic Park 3 with that Chyna Phillips cut she had, to her in Family Man with Nicholas Cage where she had a short early 2000's flip cut going. I watch that movie every time it comes on and just get butterflies in my stomach looking at her. I think her alone is what gets' me everytime I watch that movie. The fact Nicholas Cage's character gives up his relationship with her to persue his career only to be given by an angel a glimpse of the family life with her is a great premise, but her presence and how adorable she looks in the film makes it all the more reason to watch.
Good call Perfect Cut!
Tea may very well be gracing this blog as a She-bot-wa in the very near future.

Webmaster said...

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anna in spain said...

Thank you so much for posting these! I've worn a Louise Brookes bob for many years and was looking for good pics of Jenna's buzzed bob so I can change up the look. Have to change hairdressers to do it, though, as I've gone to the same one since 1992...don't know if she's losing her chops or just lazy, but when I asked her to change it, I somehow came home with the same old cut...