Monday, September 17, 2012

Haircut Video's Sept 18th

Welcome Back,

As promised here's some video's that I found this week. Plus some I've had saved for a couple of years.
Including an awesome interview clip of Jenna Elfman from last year.




wayner222 said...

Thanks for the videos. It is very hard to find new video of short bobs and pixies. Seems to be lots of head shaves out there, but that just is not for me. As much as I like to watch the hair get peeled off, it's just not the same when you know the end result will be a bald head.

Enzo and Anna said...

Great videos! Some I have seen, but some are new to me. One of my favs is the girl with the long blond hair that goes short and bruntte.

John Macguyver said...

Thanks Wayner and Enzo,
Enzo: Funny you mention that the long blonde that goes to short brunette is your favorite. That video stood out for me as well. Ironically it's gotten alot of comments on youtube of how it reminds people of the animated movie Tangled and Rapunzel.