Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hot or Not: The Mohawk & Fauxhawk on Women

Welcome Back,

As stated on our last post, I'm bringing another Hot Or Not at you you to debate.
I've noticed more and more women who are opting to style their pixies into a varation of the mohawk and even some fauxhawks.
It seems when a cut has both sides buzzed it is easy to incorpotate a mohawk look with this cut by simply styling it upward. Pink has done this for years now and it seems alot of other women have too.,

For over 30 years now going back to the Punk Rock New Wave era of the late 70's early 80's the mohawk has been a unisex cut that has appealed to both men and women.
It seems in this incarnation women are leaning towards this cut.
Long gone are the completely shaved to the skin sides and egg yolk glued up liberty spikes.
Instead in this incarnation of the mohawk there is more subtleness to it.
Buzzed sides to about a #1 or #2 guard.  Some are buzzed uniformly around thru the nape and back to match the sides. In these cuts there are easily presented as pixies when styled down.
This version has longer overlapping hair from the crown as an undercut.

The others I am seeing have a more tradtional mohawk princable going as the sides are buzzed but the nape and center back are not and are cut evenly with the crown and top in a spiked look.

There also seems to be yet another variation of the mohawk where the hair is wavy or waved and styled to one side but is given volume. Rihanna has been known to have this variation.

The Fauxhawk has appeared as well in some of these women's cuts.
Pink has worn one, as well as one of the dancer singers from the Pussycat Dolls. not sure of her name but have a pic below. Even the likes of Natalie Portman has had a fauxhawk while growing out her all over buzzcut from her V For Vendetta movie. In the Fauxhawk the sides are not as buzzed short or are not buzzed at all just cut shorter then the top and the top is spiked pushed up and together.
Of the two this seems the less appealing to me on women and to me isnt as unisex then the actual mohawk.

Below are pictures I have found on the internet that i have never posted before under the pixie cut pics because I didnt know if they were considered a pixie even though they have pixie elements. The more I've seen and saved pics of this style the more it became evident that it is a style variation all unto it's self.
So take a look and let me know what do you think of the Mohawk and Fauxhawk on women.
Hot or Not?


wayner222 said...

Not for me. I prefer a softer, neat feminine looking style. Can be buzzed up tight and quite high but should remain soft on top. I don't find the hawks feminine at all.

Perfect-Cut said...

I somewhat agree with Wayner in that I like soft feminine looks but I can appreciate edgy styles like fauxhawks. Your pixies (my boy cut) is defined - I think - by exposed ears. So to me fauxhawks are a variation of a pixie/boy cut.


John Macguyver said...

Great input guys.
For me I think it depends on who the cut is on and how it looks.
Some pics i like the fauxhawk some i dont. Some pics I think the mohawk if done right can look very feminine in other pics i think it looks a bit harsh and masculine.
I will say though Pink has perfected both the mohawk and fauxhwak better then any other female i've seen. Particularly when she has the mohawk. she doesnt keep the back in a longer line in unison with the mohawk top, unlike tradtional mohawks she keeps the entire nape and back buzzed and drapes the crown hair over it as a undercut. Which to me is alot more appealing.

Enzo and Anna said...

I've looked over these photos several times and am torn. Some of the cuts look great, yet some look like hack jobs. I'll take an 80's short back and sides with a full top anyday (as in 2nd from the bottom) Mohawks can get too extreme. Fauxhawks are a bit softer and better thatn mohawks, but i wouldn't want to see my wife with either.

Anonymous said...

I got my hair cut just like the 5th and 6th pictures. I have it long on the top and short all around. I love the look and its fun to have. It suits someone who is punk rock more than someone with the girly personality. But if you like it then get it.
I personally think that only certain people can pull the fohawk/mohawk look off.

Anonymous said...

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Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, very great article.

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John Macguyver said...

Thanks for the comment anonymous. Since i wrote this post many months ago, it seems ive seen this cut even more. Great looking cut.

Anonymous said...

I've had full on liberty spiked 11" mohawk all the way from front to back, sides fully shaved. I have a face that is right for it some women don't.

I honestly believe that it depends on the person wearing it, some women can pull off these hair stiles while others can't. I've seen some women who don't look good with long hair. It's like bangs some women look amazing with bangs and others look ....well just plan terrible.

My husband loves a short mohawk on me and after 7 years he's seen my hair every cut, length and color.

Anonymous said...

I currently have the p!nk style cut now, shaved back and sides, full thick top.... I style it in the teased out curl pompadour on top.....I have had tons of compliments on it... My hair is black, and I tend to dress in darker clothes with small pops of colour, but I manage to not look too punk or goth. Just edgy girly I guess. My top length is about 2.5-3 inches long and the sides/back are shaved to number 3. Since I've had mine done I've seen lots of other women with the cut... Some good some bad.., I guess I'm lucky it suits me. I've always been very experimental with my hair cuts, lengths and colours, and get my hair done at a hair school. I just give them a general idea and let them do what they want, and have always been thrilled with the results. I'm taking my time to have my fun now at 22 as I graduate in a year and take my paralegal licensing exam... Not so much room for experimentation after that :). Great blog!

Anonymous said...


Keeyah Heart said...

Its not for everyone but its totally HOT! I Love It. We should take risks sometimes and this haircut believe it or not is a big confidence booster! GO BIG OR GO HOME RIGHT! This cut is amazing and LOUD!

Lindsy Melvin said...

I have a moehawk and I am a hairdresser I love all these looks for women. . Short hair is making a comeback I have it shaved with a #3 on the sides with a few lines it. I have akso gad shoulder length hair and i find and others that I look better with shorter hair.... BUT nit everyone can pull off these looks. ..

John MacGuyver said...

Thanks for the comments Keeyah, and Linsy. Since my wife has gotten the P!nk cut last year we've seen more and more of it.it's a great look, It just needs to be done right by the stylist like you said.

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to cut my hair short for YEARS, mainly because I'm a tomboy and would enjoy the messy, punkish, edgy, rolled-out-of-bed-but-I-meant-to-do-that look... but I've been told by my mom that I would go from being called "pretty" to "cute" and other people told me guys wouldn't like me anymore... but I think it would reflect my personality better, because people always think I'm shy and I'm not... I feel like one of these hairstyles would suit me a lot better... so this article has convinced me to not care what others think and to just rock it. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Is there any way you could get a frontal shot of the 11th pic down from the text? I want to do that one so bad but I don't know what the front looks like!

John MacGuyver said...

Thanks for the comments.
I say go for it. If you feel more yourself and confident with short hair then that's what your meant to have. Look at miley Cyrus for example. When she cut her hair short last years she was saying how she never felt more herself. Yet she gets haters who don't like her short hair, but she doesn't care. As long as you like it and rock it and feel confident then that's all that matters, and that will shine. As far as guys not thinking short hair on a girl turns them from pretty to cute, that is an antiquated opinion. In reality a lot of guys find girls with short hair to be more down to earth and approachable. You'll also attract a different kind of guy with short hair. One's that aren't superficial and ones who who like independent woman who are condident enough not to follow the masses and who have their own unique look.
Anon#2. Let me see if I can find the front shot of pic #11. I have over a thousand pics, so i'm not sure if there is a front shot of that, but I'm sure I can find pics of other people with the same cut showing a front hot of the cut. give me a few days. I can post it undr the next batch of pics. or email it , let me know.

Anonymous said...

hey I just wanna say thanks for writing this...its a very nice written honest article. And I love cuts like this. I think they are very nice if you've got the right facial features for them. I've had short hair for about 15 years and I always get compliments. I recently got a cut like one of these above.and actually it was my husbands idea...so anyone who is saying "men won't like it" Doesn't know what they are talking about...I'm sure some people won't and you've gotta have the confidence for it but Mohawks are super hot in my opinion

John MacGuyver said...

Thanks for the comment Anon. I couldnt agree more with you as far as people not knowing what they are talking about when saying men dont like these cuts. My wife has the Pink/Miley undercut style and i love it. Her short hair is what inspired me to make this blog. There definetly are men out there who find mohawks/ fauxhawks and undercuts hot on women, as i should know i happen to be one of them.

Anonymous said...

Short hair on women is GORGEOUS. It shows off their beautiful faces. I love the faux hawk look, but personally need a little more hair on the sides to feel comfortable. I have a slightly shaggy pixie, and I've actually had a faux hawk. I have very fine hair so for me letting my sides grow a tiny bit longer just made me more comfortable with me. :) But I think all the women pictured are gorgeous and look wonderful with their short haircuts. I LOVE short hair! If you've got the confidence, rock it, that's all it takes!

Anonymous said...

I rock out a faux hawk. Mine is between pictures 8 and 10. Since I only cut my hair every 2 months it just depends on when you see me how long it is. Until June 16th 2013 my hair went half way down my back... I must say I personally look better with super short hair. And I wish I'd chopped it all off years ago!!!

lishagrl said...

I am planning on cutting my hair like Rihanna's. I have a little alopecia on my temples, and I'm tries of getting stared at every time I get my hair done. Women in the salon would stare like, oh she has no sides. So I want to turn a negative into a positve. I'm gonna make my baldness stylish.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE short hair. Im lazy with long hair because its so hard to fix. I just cut mine into a faux hawk today and I love it. It was a bit drastic from my usual short pixie ish cut with swept bangs. I have taken a lot of crap already, asked if I was a lesbian, or wanted to be a boy. But those were conservative christians. :/Everyone else loves it. I cut it a little shorter on top than I was going for, but I can make just about any hair style look good, and I have great complexion so natural hair colors look good from light blonde to vivid black and reds. My hair motto is simple. Take risks, its just hair, make it work and it will grow back. I love my faux hawk, it gives me comfidence. Im not girly, but i like to feel pretty. With make up, earings and the right products this hair can be so cute. Im also a special ed teacher, my students will be shocked on monday when they see me! Take risks, love the ride, and have fun. Its just hair.

Ivette Valentin said...

I wish number 7 had more views, like a front shot and back shot. I am absolutely in love with that cut.

Anonymous said...

I love women with a mohawk or fauxhawk! But I will admit some women look a lot better with longer hair, it just depends on the person really. I am a bit biased though since I'm rocking super short and half shaved but oh well.

Nikita Mayhew said...

I am a girl with a mohawk, and I thin they are awesome! I personally am so much more confident with short hair, and think that I suit short hair better than long hair. But it depends on the person I guess