Friday, September 7, 2012

MTV's VMAs 12': Miley And P!nk Are Twins

                                     Why do I suddenly have a craving for Double Mint Gum?

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

In what we'll call our special report of the MTV Video Music Awards which aired last night Thursday Sept 6th
it seemed the universe of short haired women aligned and then decended upon the VMA's.

In what will go down as a night of Short haired women taking the VMA's by storm
 With the exception of new pixie wearer Rihanna. None stood out more then Miley Cyrus and Pink.

Both hitting the preshow redcarpet with almost indentical matching bleached blonde pixies with buzzed sides, back and sprayed up in almost a boiffant style.

Remember that scene in Single White Female?
I'm sure if your a lover of short hair on women like me you watched that movie countless times.
It starred Bridget Fonda in an adorable red early 90's pixie. Reminiscent of Demi Moore's haircut in Ghost.
It also starred the versitale actress Jennifer Jason Leigh as her physcho roommate.

Halfway thru the movie Jennifer with her obsession in full swing goes with Bridget Fonda to the salon and comes down the salon steps with a matching red pixie haircut.

Well that scene and movie reminds me of the current Miley/Pink situation.

Look I'm not complaining. One more short cropped/buzzed side beauty to the entertainment world is a good thing.
It's just the second I saw the back of Miley's initial cut 3 weeks ago, I couldnt help but think she definetly copied Pink. It was subtle but enough that I could tell. Especially the back shot of Miley's head on twitter almost matched a shot of Pink's head from a few years back.

Well take a look for yourself below and see what you think:

Below: Pink

 Below: Miley

If there was any doubt then, there should be no doubt after seeing the two of them later that night on the red carpet.
Miley Cyrus's hair muse is Pink my hair loving friends!
But the story doesnt end there.
In another shocking twist it seems not only did Miley copy Pink but then Pink copied Miley.
I know confusing.
Let me explain.
As I posted here this past week, Miley had gotten her sides and back rebuzzed to a slightly shorter length.
apparently she thought it needed to look freshly buzzed for her VMA appearance which would mark her first tv apperance since she cut all her long hair off.
Pink on the other hand has been tweeting and several sites have shown pics of her dress rehersal and her backstage preps yesterday and even hours before the VMA's in the pics and videos ( pic below)
Pink sported a high boiffant blonde pink hued colored updo with slicked back sides. from a back view it showed the back was pinned up/rolled.

Below: Pink during rehersal earlier in the day Sept 6th

Below: Later that day Sept 6th Pink a mere hour before hitting the redcarpet and performing on stage
                                                             Obviously buzzed off sides and back

However a few short hours later Pink appeared on the red carpet with hubby Carey Hart sporting a buzzed side and back. Which looks like it was buzzed a setting guard shorter then Miley's.
Upon some detective work, it seems Pink got her sides and back buzzed off just hours before she hit the red carpet and performed onstage.

See for yourself Pink and Miley on the red carpet:


Perhaps upon seeing Miley copying her cut, right down to the updo top with short buzzed sides and back,  Pink figured she'd show Miley who's hair boss and one upped her and showed she is the originater of this cut.
The hair world may never know.
But one thing is sure we are reaping the benefits.
Oddly enough you would think this would be the biggest hair story from the day at the VMA's, however it seems Rihanna trumped both Pink and Miley by debuting a short cropped classic pixie.
They'll be more about Rihanna in my next post.
If that wasnt enough, Kesha appeared on the red carpet with a sidebuzz which she's had for about 6 months and it looks like the side is in grow out stage.
Whiz Kalifi's pregnant girlfriend Amber Rose sported her usual blonde buzzcut but it too seemed on the grow a bit.
The VMA's red carpet was definetly a hotbed for women with short hair this year that's for sure.
I hope I provided some great breaking news today for all of you.
Consider me the Havey Levin and TMZ of hair.
Until next time..

Here's some pics from the red carpet of Rhianna with her new short pixie, and more pics of Kesha Pink and Miley!

Below is a newly posted Miley pic from her actual site as of 9/7/12. The sides look even shorter then the VMA's.
Perhaps buzzed down to a #1?

                                            Miley photo shoot taken first week of Sept.
                                                      Miley on the red carpet Sept 6th
                                                       Pink performing at the VMA's.


wayner222 said...

That's quite a hair duel you uncovered. Personally I don't usually care for celebrity do's. I find them to be too "over the top"(pun intended). But if it inspires some ladies to cut their hair, perhaps in a more streetable version I'm all for it.

Enzo and Anna said...

I don't think it was an intentional hair duel. Miley has gone on record saying she's always wanted a pixie. And pink as always rocks some sort of wicked short cut. I think both ladies wanted a fresh of the VMAs and both opted to get the Rooster cut.
Rhianna may have got the most attention because although her pixie is nothing new for her, the super short bangs did look a bit odd on her

Mr Perfect Cut said...

Mac, Thank you for being our "short hair Hollywood Reporter".