Monday, September 17, 2012

Pixie Cut and Short Cut pics 9/18

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

First let me start by noting that if you've noticed I havent been posting as much per week, you arent wrong.
It's not because I have lost interest in women's short hair styles, or that Mrs Mac is on a grow out or anything like that.
We are in the midst of moving, and to make a long story short (no pun intended), it involves black mold, and all kinds of added problems in finding a new home. Especially when you and more then one member of your family has asthma. Finding a smoke, mold and animal dander free home inside of a month is no fun!

So it's taken all my strength, mentally and physically to get through this and still find time for something that I enjoy and something that relaxes me.
Finding pics, looking up video's, and talking about Mrs Mac's early October trim/cut has been the only thing that has relaxed me and kept me going thru this moving ordeal.

The past week has been hit or miss in regards to finding new great pictures to share with you all.
There's been ebb and flows as far as finding pics, Some days I will find a dozen new pics then I wont find any new pics for several days. It seems all that is new coming out is pics of Pink on tour and more Miley pics, and as much as I like both of them and their cuts I dont want to turn this blog into the Pink and Miley Show.

As far as video's I have learned how to share with you all video's from youtube on this blog.
I have been looking up video's of short cuts, angled bob's and clippered napes and sides for years now, and it seems this too can be hit or miss.

It seems for whatever reason there's much more, total headshaves and complete buzzcut video's on youtube then quality pixie cut video's and angled bob video's. There is a handful of do it yourself home video's of women giving themselves sidecut's, but the result and video quality is less then spectacular.
When I do find a video that features an in salon long to short; long to angled bob or long to pixie cut I have saved the video's. So starting last week I plan on sharing with you some of my favorite video's.
I'm sure most of you have seen some of these video's as the same one's always seem to pop up on youtube over and over again.

In the meantime here's a collection of pics, and look for a Mrs Mac Hair Flashback post sometime this week as well as a Mrs Mac Haircut preview post and what we have planned as Mrs Mac's next appointment is Friday Octber 5th.
Until next time..

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Enzo and Anna said...

Hoping all goes well with your home issues. Thanks for taking the time to post some great pics. Really appriciate the effort it must have taken to do this update.