Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mrs Mac Hair Flashback Jan 09'

Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

First off thank you for your support and for viewing this blog and checking back for updates
even though I have only been updating it once a week with three post in one night.
Mrs Mac and myself are almost done moving, but as some of you may know it takes more then
a week when you have 10 year of accumulated belongings to move.
We've been at it for almost a month now, and even though we are in a new place still have to
go thru old stuff and finish up in our old place before we can even begin to unpack in our new

I have to say I have been impressed with the amount of views this blog has garnered in the past
week with no new updates.
While this blog is non profit, I'm not signed up for adsense and there arent any ads on our blog.
This blog is a pure labor of love for my interest in my wife's short hair and women with short hair.

Maybe somewhere down the line I'l sign up for adsense and see how it goes, but for now I
want to focus on updates and new post and dont need any more stress with ads and the likes.

In our last Hair Flashback, Mrs Mac had gotten her back buzzed and started to grow out her pixie cut.
This was the fall of 08'.
In the set of pictures you are about to see, which are from Jan 09' Mrs Mac's hair was really taking
shape into an angled bob. Sher had it rebuzzed in Jan 09' and these pics were taken several days after
It still had alot of layers from the pixie, but the front had grown alot in 3 months.
These photo's were taken on a cold lazy saturday in Janurary 2009.
Sorry there are no back shots.
I know I took a few of the nape as it was freshly buzzed, but sadly they were on our old computer
and I never gotten to save all the pics off the old comp.





Enzo said...

Great pics Mac. I love seeing the evolution of a woman's hair.
Hoping all is going well with the move. Sometimes a move is good in order to get rid of the old stuff that you really don't need.

Perfect-Cut said...

Mac, I like seeing the layers in this cut. We have had Mrs Perfect-Cut's hair in this all-one-length as we PERFECTed first the A-line Bob, then the Robyn cut and now the hybrid Robyn-Fija cut. But we are NEXT week going to cut some end layers in it. And then next month put some fine layers in all over.