Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mrs Mac's Hair Flashback: Sept 2008


Welcome Back To The Pixie Revolution,

It's been a while since we had a Mrs Mac Hair Flashback.
Believe me I have taken enough pics of Mrs Mac's haircuts over the years, to last quite some time on here. I guess I should be posting them more often, but current events and cuts seem to take precedence.

Like any blog on the net it seems The Pixie Revolution isnt exempt from controversary.
Since the last Mrs Mac Hair Flashback, Mrs Mac has been taking more of an interest in the hair enthusiast world. Mrs Mac had started looking up pictures on the net to take with her to the salon for her then soon to be sidebuzzed pixie. She also openly added people on facebook who are hair enthusiast and share in our interest.
In Mrs Mac's ongoing commitment to understand what makes me tick and understand the hair enthusiast world  Mrs Mac thought she'd look some stuff up on the net, join some FB pages and talk to other hair enthusiast.
During that time Mrs Mac had discovered a facebook page dedicated to various women's hairstyles including short cuts, pixies, bobs and side buzzed cuts.
Upon adding the page and then chatting with it's moderater, Mrs Mac agreed to share some of her pics of her haircuts. Unbeknowst to me.
At first I was a upset by this.
Not because Mrs Mac was talking to another male who was a short haired enthusiast,
but that She had shared out of her kind heart a bevy of personal pictures of herself.
I then looked at both sides of this scenerio.
The fact that someone liked her haircut enough to feature it on their FB page is definetly flattering, but
within 24 hours Mrs Macs face began to be plastered all over FB's newsfeed with tag after tag of her name and pics.
The fact that they are from our private collection urked me to no end.
After all, I want to share with all of you pics of Mrs Mac myself first.
The thing that aggrevated me the most was they were pics of Mrs Mac that I had not shared yet.
It is of her pixie cuts from the past few years, which you all know if you are a follower of this blog, I havent shared yet as I was still doing flashbacks of Mrs Mac when she had her angled bob.

You've only seen Mrs Mac'c current pixie, not the previous incarnations of it.
I let it go after a day or so and asked Mrs Mac not to share anymore pics that we havent featured yet on our blog. Anything else that has already been up here I figured was fine to share with what I'll just leave as the anonamous FB page.

What happened mext simply floored me.
Upon getting up one sunny day about 2 weeks ago. I hopped onto my facebook account to see a message from the maker/moderater of the FB hair page. Upon reading the message I was told to stop using so many pictures off this guys FB page and go easy as he knows these ladies personally.

For the record I had taken and saved 3 pics off this dude's FB page and featured them at the bottom of the post that featured Mrs Mac's surprise sidebuzz cut from a few weeks back.
And the only reason I featured them on my blog was because Mrs Mac loved those pics so much when she saw them off this FB page that she herself saved them and printed them out and took them to her stylist to surprise me and get a sidebuzz undercut pixie.
And that is the sole reason I showed them, was to show all of you what Mrs Mac used for reference.

The irony wasnt lost on me that this dude had free range to put up as many pics of Mrs Mac that he wanted. But then came down on me for taking three pics and using them on this blog.
I've seen audacity before but for me this took the cake.

I simply responded that I would gladly take the 3 pics down ( which I did) if Mrs Mac's pics were taken off the FB page.
Something that I had wanted from the get go, but let it go at first because of my kindness.

And so with that, I discovered the dark side of the hair enthusiast world.

I'm an open guy and have been so from the get go on this blog.
Make no mistake about it I whole heartedly knew going into this that if I did this blog I wouldnt blur out Mrs Mac's face.
I knew pretty much with her pixie I didnt want to do that.
Perhaps I should have been more protective of Mrs Mac and followed a cue from my hair enthusaist role model Cool Bob's blog.
Perhaps I should had blurred her face out.
Perhaps I should had made it clear to Mrs Mac that under no circumstances should she share her pics to  ANYONE on the net without talking to me first. The biggest issue I have is I didnt want her enthusiasm to be taken advantage of.

When I was told by the moderator of this FB hair page to go easy on taking pics as the pics are of women he personally knows I couldnt help but laugh a little ( cynically albeit)
They may be women he knows, but Mrs Mac is more then just a woman I know. She's my wife.

As much as I like the pics of your wive's hair on the various other blogs that have supported me that I follow I would never take any of those pics and put them on my blog because I know and respect it's your wives. Believe me it's not because I dont think they are great cuts or arent worthy of being featured under my featured pics. They are. It's just a respect thing for me and unspoken and you have all done the same for me which I greatly appreciate.

I think it's a completely different ballgame though when we see pics of cuts we like and the women who have them arent our wives or significant others.
We've all shared pics. I've seen pics that are on passsioncarre and Enzo's photo page and then see the same pics on a short cut tumblr blog. I myself if I liked the pics have featured them here too.
Come on let's face it when we all see new pics, within days they circulate rather quickly in the hair enthusiast world.

As long as we are in control of our wives hair pics and we decide how we distribute them that's all that really matters to me though.

Maybe we who have wives who are kind enough to indulge in our hair interest and take pics and allow us to share them on the net maybe we should be a little more protective of them.

If you come on this blog and I know you and you like Mrs Mac's pics you are more then welcome to share them on your blogs.Or if you promoted our blog and featured Mrs Mac's hair that's fine too.,  if I personally know you, take them, print them out. Do what your heart desires. If you dont know me or Mrs Mac however and are a lurker please ask me first before taking them and putting them up somwhere on the net..
As far as finding pics of Mrs Mac on any site/ blog/ or FB page unless it's directly allowed by me it aint happening. And if you do see it please let me know and give me a link because I didnt authorize it.
In closing,
To quote the Beatles
"The Love you make is equal to the love you take"

I only hope the love I have for Mrs Mac, her hairstyles and my love for sharing with you all her hairstyles/cuts and stories is equal to what I take.

And with that... here is pics from Sept 2008.
Mrs Mac had gotten a really nice pixie cut inspired by Elisha Cuthbert's 07 cut in the Spring of 08.
It was around Easter and I came home on a Good Friday and was stopped in my tracks when I saw Mrs Mac had gotten her hair bleached all over to a golden blonde and got the Elisha Cuthbert pixie.

Below: Mrs Mac's Spring/Summer 08' platmium golden blonde pixie

We both loved the cut. I was absolutely crazy about it.
Mrs Mac kept it all summer.
Of course as the summer went on I began to see more and more of the angled bob/pob look.
That's the summer the angled bob took the world by storm thanks to Victoria Beckham.

September rolled around and Mrs Mac's pixie had gotten a bit shaggy. After a 2 month grow out it was time to decide if she should go back for her normal cut.
Of course by that point I had angled bob fever and tired to convince Mrs Mac to grow it out into a angled bob.
I figured she already had grown it about 2 months what better time then that moment to try a grow out.

After pestering Mrs Mac for the whole month of Sept. She went for her trim only to come home with a hood on.
At the time we had a 1yr old baby and I didnt get to go to the salon to watch like I do now.
So in walks Mrs Mac with a hoodie on.
From the front her bangs looked untouched.
She didnt look too happy either.
I can remember it like it was yesterday.
She slowly took her hood off only to reveal her pixie cut was completelt untouched shaggy sides and all expept her back was all buzzed off to a number #2 or #3. It went up to the top of her ears in almost a set bowl line.
Mrs Mac hated it at first.
Slowly though as fall turned into winter it began to take shape. The sides and hair over her ears in front began to grow, the layers of the pixies began to grow out and before long it was looking like an angled bob.

But that's for next time
Here is the pics of Mrs Mac from Sept 08' with her pixie grow out, ( before) and then a set of pics we took in our car a few weeks later when she got the back buzzed short. ( after)
Ive been told in the past that the back and side views of the after is some of the most dramatic shelf buzzed nape pics ever seen.

Before: Sept 08' 2 Months of a pixie grow out ( Note the before pics were only a few days before she eventually got it cut)

After: A mere 3 days later.. doesnt look much different from the front does it?

                                                 Bazinga! Told you the back was incredible!

Yes I couldnt keep my hands off Mrs Mac's nape. Yes Mrs Mac's stylist gave her a cute M shaped nape outline and Yes this was an awesome cut and grew out into an awesome angled bob
Until next time...


wayner222 said...

Too bad there are these idiots on the net. Seems when they are anonymous respect and feelings of right or wrong go out the window. I shared pics of my wife a couple of times but took them down right away hoping the regular guys could see how great she looked then they were gone before they were turned into something they were not intended to be. So far I have not came across any. I probably won't do it again though. I applaud you guys for what you do. It's great to have somewhere to share our feelings, hopefully with friends or other like minded people.
The Sept. 08 cut is amazing. It's always the short nape and neat hairline that does it for me, whether it's a pixie, bob, bowl or boy cut. Must have been quite a rush when the hoodie came off!

Enzo and Anna said...

On the subject of the 2008 hairstyles, I think the high back buzz is to die for. The spring/summer pixies were cute, but the September buzz was killer! Nice to re-live days gone by.

Regarding the sharing of pics, I've been fortunate and haven't seen any pics of Anna floating elsewhere on the web. Not to say that they are not out there, but I haven't seen them. Probably because I don't put them on my Facebook account. There was one photo that I had on Facebook of a girl I took a 'streetshot" of. Every so often, I'd see that photo pop up in other people's photos. It irked me at first, but I figure I had no reason to get mad, since my Short Hair Blog with daily photos are mostly taken from Facebook.

It's the risk you take when you post photos on a social medium whose so called privacy settings change without notice