Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Short Haired Babe Of The Week 9/18/12

                                                                          Sarah Maillet

So here we are again with another installment of Short Haired Babe Of The Week,

You might be wondering who the heck is Sarah Maillet?
And why is she SHBOTW?

A little over a month ago I myself didnt know who Sarah Maillet was.
Then one day as I strolled thru our local  Walmart and wound up in the magazine section I stumbled
upon a tattoo magazine. What caught my attention about this magazine cover while I was thumbing through the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine was the short haired babe who was plastered on the cover.
Upon looking through the magazine and seeing the photo shoot and photo spread of this beautiful lady immediately searched the magazine for her name.
I dont know much other then her name is Sarah Maillet and that she is a tattoo model.
Even upon doing a google search not much comes up, other then a bevy of incredible photo's of her.

I've noticed upon my search, and even looking through magazine's that the new generation pixie, sidecuts, and side buzzed pixies seem to be popular amongst the tattoo culture. Which I myself happen to like. While tattoo's arent everyone's cup of tea, I should note Mrs Mac has tattoo's and agree's that the whole sidebuzz look seem's to be popular right now with the tattoo world.

So why did I go with an unknown for SHBOTW? Sure I could had went with an obvious choice for SHBOTW. There's Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams, Rhianna, Selma Blair, believe me there's plenty present and past who I plan on featuring.
But for this week I pulled a swerve and picked a virtual unknown. Maybe because I hope to find and hope you discover more short haired beauties who dont get the recognition they deserve.

So with that enjoy this photo gallery.



wayner222 said...

Not really into tattoos but I do like the hair. Nice to see some pics of an unknown lady with great hair. The same celebs over and over does get old.

Perfect-Cut said...

Ditto - not really into tattoos - they disappear in the dark. But a great find - hopefully she is not just a "one-haircut wonder" and will keep her hair short.


Enzo and Anna said...

I'm going against the grain here. I feel Sarah Maillet is a great find. Anna & I both dig Tattoos. Anna has 3 and I have 2. I noticed that most girls that have a lot of body art tend to have short hair, so thier hair doesn't cover the art. Her cut is real nice, and her art does just what it's intended to do. It draws your attention away from the fact that she has a very flat chest.

John Macguyver said...

Thanks for the comments Wayner, Perfect Cut and Enzo.
Enzo I wholeheartly agree with you. And your comment seriously gave me a laugh because I did not notice at first that Sarah Maillet is flat chested. So much else going on visually. I've noticed that besides pixie cuts,sidecuts, side buzz pixies that I've seen quite a few angled bob's in tattoo magazines as well. And they all look spectacular, all blown out, glossy, and with sharp lines. definetly a nice little find if I ever want to see some great short styles, is to just pick up a tattoo magazine.

Perfect-Cut said...

My preferences are two "low percentage" interests on women - I prefer short hair and small breasts. Mrs PC tells me of her younger days when she was much smaller up top. I kid her that if her breasts get any larger I'll have to kick her out :-) Any takers?


Anonymous said...

Love this blog. Very nice job. Your lucky you have such a great wife.